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Year 2 – Mrs Plant / Mrs Boyer

Welcome to 2SB!


Welcome to Year 2.  Your class teachers are Mrs Plant and Mrs Boyer. 


Please remember to bring your book bag, reading book and reading record every day. 


Please could you bring a white t shirt, pumps and black shorts to school for P.E.  Please leave it in school and take it home each half term to be washed. This ensures children always have their kit.





Summer 2; Who lived in Stretford 100 years ago?

An amazing African performance. Thank you for all your support

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Wow. We can play the drums!


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We loved African dancing too!

More drums!

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Amy used hand gestures to give us directions when playing the drums.

We can say hello in languages spoken in Africa

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African drumming!

Book marks ready to be sold at the Summer Fair. The children all helped!

Victorian Day was a success

Our Grandparents afternoon was a great success! Thank you to all the grandparents who came and shared their experiences about when they were young. The children found it very interesting asking lots of different questions!

Year 2 had a great day visiting The Lowry Art Gallery. We especially enjoyed the workshop learning how to sketch and draw like L.S. Lowry!

Don't forget to bring in your sponsor form and money by Friday. A great SINGATHON day!

Singathon fun!

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We sang for the Mayor and Mayoress today.

Country dancing!

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Singing in the rain!

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Freddy Fit came to school today. We had lots of fun getting fit and learning about keeping healthy!

L.S. Lowry; mind mapping before our trip next week.

Sports activity day! Thanks to all the grown ups who came to support us and join in!

Comparing Stretford past and present!

Thank you Harry. Love from Coco and Suzie the guinea pigs

We chopped and prepared our fruit for the smoothies. Yum!

All ready to make a smoothie tomorrow!

Mrs Plant had fun trying it out!

Can you tell the story using the story map?

The Papaya Who Spoke

Summer 1 topic - Should I take a wooly hat to Africa

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the Year 2 African Art Exhibition. We have raised over £200 so far. The art work will still be available in the morning to purchase.

Tie dye!

Getting ready for tie dye. Thank you to Zoe ans Amy. You were super helpers! We are so excited to see how they turn out. When we put them in the washing machine they looked very RED!

Holding the froglets

So clever, we used a sewing machine to make a pencil case. How clever!


Still image for this video


Guinea pig hugs

Learn our rap to help to write a report. (We are writing about African Animals)

Watch the story of how our outdoor classroom deleloped!

To end our family learning week we had a fabulous time den building. The whole school took part in mixed age classes for the day. We designed flags, made models of dens then we went outside to build our dens. Thanks to all the grown ups who helped out. We had such an amazing day!

Today we had more fun all to do with sticks! We told each other our own stick stories using our story plans before going off to write them.

We worked in groups to design and build our own stick structures. It was very tricky!

We enjoyed playing a game of giant pick up sticks. It was such fun!

More stick week fun! First we went to the park and made a stick creature

Then we made a den for our stick creature. Thank you so much to the grown ups who came to help!

We looked at the work of a Scottish sculptor today, Andy Goldsworthy. We were inspired by his work and we used our sticks and natural materials to make our very own. What do you think?

Playing giant pick up sticks... You have to be really careful. We had to know which colour to choose and which colour we could get without disturbing the other sticks! It helped us counting in 2,5 and 10s too

Learning to tell the time in five minute intervals

Making Africn Marks - We can't wait to display them in our exhibition!

Thank you to Mia and her mummy for looking after the tadpoles.

Odd and even numbers. Listen to the story below

Even Steven and Odd Todd

Book about even and odd numbers

Painting an African Sunset picture

Summer 1 letter to parents

Our topic for next half term: Can frogs live in the desert?

Spring 2 work update for parents

More changes, they are nearly tadpoles!

Mr Moore found a frog! Perhaps it is her frog spawn?

The frog spawn is changing!!

Thank you so much to the parents who attended the maths workshop.

We read this book in class today (and during the maths workshop too)

One is a Snail Ten is a Crab

We read this book in maths today. We also read it during the amths workshop with parents. Can you think of calculations that mathc the story?

2 crabs could be 2X10 = 20 OR 10 + 10 = 20

I can make 100. 9 crabs and 5 people. 9 X 10 = 90 then 5 X 2 = 10

Look what we have found!

We had great fun running a mile for Sport Relief!

Look at our models of 3D shapes! Can you name the shapes we have made? What shape faces does the 3D shape have? How many corners does it have? How many edges?

We had a great time getting ready for the afternoon tea party. We made sandwiches and cakes ready to serve to our mums and grannies! We decorated the tables with homemade flower centrepieces.

Our photos from the afternoon tea party!

Getting ready for the party!

World Book Day!

We all dressed up as characters from books.
We shared our favourite books.

This week we are multiplying and dividing!

The Giant came to our classroom, we used magnifying glasses to look for clues!

Describing a setting using adjectives

Adding on a number line. Use this strategy to help you.

Thank you YO SUSHI, we had great fun trying to use chopsticks and eating some Chinese food.

I am excited to tell you that after a visit to YO SUSHI in the Trafford Centre, they agreed to donate our class a set of chopsticks to help the children to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Watch this space for the pictures!! 

If you are in YO SUSHI please thank them on our behalf.


Can you help? Next term year 2 are learning about special religious books. If you have one you would like to bring to school to show to the children. We would love you to answer some of their questions too. Just ten minutes of your time. Thank you

Counting on and back in 10s. Please help your child with this at home.

Safe Spike is our super learner this week. We are using him to help us with Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 9th Feb

Help required. We are hoping to get some frog spawn next week. Are there any parents willing to look after them during half term?

Finishing our puppets, this week we will evaluate them. What do we like? What was challenging? What would we change?

More fun...

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Dancing around making sounds while having fun together


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These glasses are confusing, which way do I turn?

Our recount rap

Learning a new strategy in maths. We are getting there...

Past and Present tense

Getting ready to write a recount about walking round Moss Park

Our new topic for Spring 1


Why don't we use cotton wool plates?

Having fun using a simile for our Winter Poems

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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I can sew!!

Winter Classroom

Get ready for Winter in 2SB next week.

Look how much fun we had sewing with our grown ups

We are looking forward ot sewing with you and your grown ups tomorrow morning. (12/1/16)

We listened to the Unicef song today in our whole school assembly.  We shared our New Year Resolutions.

Our very own Little Red Riding Hood!

We know all about nouns and adjectives. 


noun - someone or something


adjective - a describing word


Can you think of any adjectives to describe these nouns?


Working out doubles in maths

Who came to our class?

Can you believe Little Red Riding Hood made this mess?


Our new topic for Autumn 2

How can we light up the sky?





Michael Rosen Poetry

Oh Dear by Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen reading his poem 'Oh Dear' from 'A Great Big Cuddle', a new poetry book for the very young illustrated by Children's Laureate Chris Riddell.

The Seven Continents Song | Silly School Songs

Come learn the Seven Continents with this fun, upbeat and easy-to-remember song geared towards grades 3+. Visit for more info and music!

Jackanory Junior S02E13 The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark Told By Alun Armstrong

Watch the story The Owl who was afraid of the dark. Some parts of the story are different to the book. Can you tell me?

Our Global Learning Day on China

We enjoyed doing lots of different activties!
We shared our things from home.
We made the flag of China.
We made our own fortune cookies!
Look at our chinese writing!
Numbers to 10 in Chinese!
We had a go at origami!
We made a cat!
Our paper art.

On Friday 20th November 2015 we are having a Global Learning Day in school. We will be learning all about China. Please come to school dressed in the colours red and yellow, the colours of the Chinese flag.

Have a look in the home section of the website under curriculum.  You will find out more about our super learner of the week.  This week it is Ravi respecter.  How does he help us in school and at home?

Making a circuit

We made diva lamps and rangoli patterns as part of our Divali celebrations

Our Bollywood dancing on Divali

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Still image for this video

We were fireworks during PE

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We all made a poppy. We listened to The Last Post, we thought about the soldiers.

You can listen to the last post on this website


Poppy making. We used paint,(inspired by Van Gogh and Monet),play dough and collage too. We were so busy!


Click on the document below to see what we will cover this term

Remember to bring your ukulele every Thursday. 


We are excited for our concert in December.

Some websites you can visit to extend learning

Telling the time on our own hand made analogue clocks

The school nurse came today to talk about hygiene

Look how far a sneeze can travel.
We know all about germs.
How to wash our hands properly.

Our class rap about writing a report.

We asked Florence Nightingale questions.

We have been inspired by Willaim Morris this week. We have all used a template and printed our own wallpaper.

We found out where our food comes from

The strawberries were from the UK.
The courgette was from the UK.
The garlic was from Spain.
The tomatoes were from Poland.
The blueberries were from Scotland.
The grapes were from Greece.
The garlic was from Spain.
The mixed peppers were from the UK.
The rocket salad was from Germany.
The spring onions were from the UK.
The strawberries were from Scotland.

Working with 3D shapes

Celebrating Eid

Ukulele lessons have started!

Arcimboldo inspired art work

Look at our book area!

What do you think?
We love acting out the story in this area.
We thought of important rules for the reading area

place value

Still image for this video
This week in maths we are adding using numicon and base 10 equipment.

Sketching fruit and vegetables

We are reading the Tiger Who Came to Tea this week.

Do you think he made a mess?

We have all painted our faces.

School Awards