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Year 2 – Miss Chamberlain

Welcome to 2C!


Your teacher is Miss Chamberlain.  I have so many exciting things planned for this year!


Please remember to bring your book bag, reading book and reading record every day. 


Please could you bring a white t shirt, pumps and black shorts to school for P.E.  Please leave it in school and take it home each half term to be washed. This ensures children always have their kit.

Our new topic for Summer 2 - Who lived in Stretford 100 years ago?

We had a great Olympic day as the USA!

We've had a bee-rilliant day! We have learned about bees, their life cycle and pollination!

What an incredible day and superb performance! Well done 2C!

Our whole school has worked very hard, and we are now a Heritage School!

Mr Allen from the National Football Museum came in to teach us all about football history!

We had such a busy day! First we saw our Grandparents, who told us all about the past. Then we tried on some Victorian clothes!

What a great day making pizza and going to the Lowry to draw!

Our Singathon was amazing!

We loved Freddy Fit!

We made healthy fruit smoothies!

We loved ordering 'The Papaya that Spoke!'

Our new topic for Summer One - Should I take a wooly hat to Africa?

Summer One letter

Our African art exhibition! Thank you so much to all the children and parents!

Playing outside in our new area for golden time was super!

We loved researching African animals!

Magic stick painting and story boards!

We had a great time playing the violin and holding our guinea pigs!

We are butterfly eggs; we hatch underneath leaves!

Our new topic for Spring 2 - Can a frog live in the desert?

Spring 2 letter

Our visit to the Church!

Thank you so much to the parents who attended the maths workshop

Sport Relief Day!

Our Mother's Day afternoon tea!

Who came into our classroom?

Fraction finding for shapes and numbers.

We planted our seeds today!

Map challenge! Can you name the seven continents and five oceans?

Our new topic for Spring 1


Why don't we use cotton wool plates?

Our Chinese New Year food tasting session!

Can you help us? If you have a religious book at home you would like to talk about to the class for five minutes, we would be delighted if you could come in and let me know! Thank you!

We are learning to count in 10's, as well as 3's, 2's and 5's! Can you practise at home?

We are hoping to get some frogspawn in class so that we can watch it grow! If any parents can help by looking after the tank in half term, please let me know.

Miss Chamberlain's Recount. 


First we lined up in the corridor still wearing our coats from playtime. Miss Chamberlain told us the rules and we agreed they were good rules, because we want to stay safe like Safe Spike.


Next we walked outside. When we saw the school gate, we turned right.


Then we were on a long, concrete grey road. We walked along it and we could hear rushing, racing cars. 


When we reached the park gates we turned right. I could see tall, lime green trees and two cheeky magpies hopping around. I wonder what they were looking for?


When we reached the end of the park we turned right at a wooden totem with terrifying wooden faces! After that we saw the play area, where we played for 5 minutes. I went on the roundabout and the swings. It was exhilarating and exciting!


Then when we left the play area we turned right when suddenly we saw a beautiful, golden labrador dog. We turned left at the end of the park and started walking back.


When we got to the end of the park we turned left, and we could see the milk man delivering milk to our school. When we got back to school we turned left and we were glad to get inside out of the freezing cold!

How to use a number line to find the difference. Can you practise this at home?

Our walk around the school area; we're going to write a recount!

Weekend Challenge!


We have been writing poems all week.


Can you write me a poem at home? It could be about anything at all! 


Try to use great adjectives and a repeated refrain.


Here are some ideas for poem titles;

- Mummy time

- Daddy time

- School time

- Play time

- Bed time

- Swimming time

- Birthday time



Our Golden Rules!


We have been discussing what our school Golden Rules mean. We have learned them with some actions. Can you practise them at home?


Here they are!


Be gentle, don’t hurt others.

Be kind and helpful, don’t hurt others’ feelings.

Be honest, don’t cover up the truth.

Work hard, don’t waste time.

Look after property, don’t damage things.

Listen to others, don’t interrupt.

Snow... Inside and out! Ready for winter poetry writing!

Weekend Challenge!


Can you show off your Maths skills?


Bring me in some doubling, halving, subtracting and adding questions. If you're feeling REALLY clever... Bring me some multiplying and dividing questions!




Manchester United!

English stars! What great adjectives for our character descriptions!

Fact or opinion? Can you think of a few at home?

Weekend challenge!


Here is a song we sometimes use in class.


Can you make up your own doubles song for harder numbers and show the class next week?

Manchester United came to teach us!

Working out doubles in maths

We were superstars in Maths today!

Could you write me a description of Little Red Riding Hood?

On Friday 20th November we are celebrating Global Learning Day.  We will be finding out more about Canada.  The children are welcome to dress up in the colours of the flag on Friday.

We look forward to seeing you all!

We are really enjoying our ukulele lessons every Thursday. Don't forget to bring your ukulele in from home each week.

As part of our Fit and Healthy topic we wrote instructions on how to brush our teeth correctly. We followed the instructions carefully when we brushed our teeth in school.

2EM have a new book corner where we can read quietly to ourselves, each other or to our big bear.

We have learnt about the Italian artist Arcimboldo. In groups we made pictures in his style using fruit and vegetables.

School Awards