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Year 1 Transition Activities

Starting a new class can feel a little different.

It was exactly the same for the Cautious Caterpillar

but he soon found out that the changes were far more remarkable and truly magical.


Join the Cautious Caterpillar as he takes you on a journey of excitement, change and adventure so 

that you can find your Year 1 wings and be ready to fly.


Begin with our wonderful story and then complete the activities below.

Be as creative and imaginative 

as you can so that we can find out all about you! 


' Who you are makes a difference'

The Story of the Cautious Caterpillar

Activity 1 - Growing your wings

Activity 2 - Ready to fly

Activity 3 - All about me


Now that you have read the story about the Cautious Caterpillar and completed the two activities we would like you to now create your own 'It's all about me box'. You can share lots of your things, perhaps even include some drawings, photographs and even your favourite story. We want to know all about you and what really makes you smile. Remember to check back at our Teacher and Teaching Assistant videos for some really great ideas. But most of all remember to have lots of fun!

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