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Year 1 – Mrs Worsley

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to class 1W!


I am very excited about teaching Year 1. Mrs. Worsley (the class teacher) and Mrs. Borland (the class TA) will be working with your children this academic year. We have lots of exciting, fun and interesting topics that we will cover over the next 11 months.


This page is dedicated to class 1W and will show you what your children have been learning over the course of the school year, so watch this space...


Road to Rio

Today we have been holding a ROAD TO RIO day to celebrate the Olympic Games which start very soon. The children have come dressed in their sports clothes and for 1W we are representing Spain. We have designed our own Olympic Logo, we have learnt a Spanish dance and we have had a games lesson. The children have really enjoyed the day.

Spanish Dancing

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Year 1 School Trip to The Chestnut Centre

Yesterday we went to The Chestnut Centre in Chaple-on-le-Frith. The children were introduced to the animals by walking along their nature trail. The children got to see and learn about all the different animals that lived at The Chestnut Centre. Jo our guide took us through the trail and taught us all about the local deer and even stopped to feed them. We then followed the path which led us to all the different species of owls, otters, foxes and bats within the centre. The children learnt lots of different facts about each animal and how important the local environment is for them to live. The animals were beautiful and the children really enjoyed seeing them up close.


Thank you so much to all the parents that came to help the children have a very memorable day. Even the sun came out eventually!

Victorian Dress Up Day

As part of our Victorian learning topic this term all the staff and children dressed up in Victorian costumes today. There were a lot of chimney sweeps, factory workers and little maids. Everyone looked super! In the afternoon we did a lot of art and craft activities based on the Victorian times with hopscotch and spinning tops being a big favourite!

Grandparent Afternoon

Today we had some grandparents come into school for a talk on how life was like when they were young. We talked about their toys, when they were born, what life was like when they were little, what life was like for them at school and what they wore. The children were very interested and I think very happy that they were born now-a-days! Thank you to all the grandparents who kindly came in today and for chatting with the children.


Today the whole of Moss Park Infant School was raising money for the school by doing a Sing-a-thon. 1W children dressed up in their own musical clothes and participated in a music filled day by:


  • Singing continuously for 30 minutes in the Hall for the Sing-a-thon

  • Danced and sang for the Major of Trafford

  • Listen to Rock Music (violin and guitar)

  • Listened to country music and learnt a dance

  • Listened to a String Duo

  • Sang for 15 minute to all their parents, carers at the end of the day.


The children and adults all had great fun listening and singing today. 1W are a very musical class and there was a lot of smiles and laughter. Well done 1W – let’s hope we have raised a lot of money for the school’s cause!

1W Sing-a-thon

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Freddie Fit

Today the children enjoyed a session with Freddie Fit. They followed instructions, learnt about healthy eating and how to keep their bodies fit. The children then engaged in numerous sporting / keep fit activities which they thoroughly enjoyed.

1W PE Afternoon

1W had their PE Afternoon with family and friends this week. There were 7 activities:


  • Throwing and catching skills

  • Hoola Hoop and skipping skills

  • Target skills

  • Football skills

  • Hockey skills

  • Basket ball skills

  • Climbing frame / balancing skills


All the children got stuck in with family and friends to showcase their ball and balancing skills. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was lovely to see everybody getting stuck in and having a good try on all the stations.


Thank you to all family and friends who came and joined with the children.


Summer 2... What would you do at the seaside? 

Hello everyone,

our first week of the final term is over and all the children have completed the phonics test apart from those few children who were absent. Many huge thanks to you all for practising over the half term, we couldn't do this without your help.

Letters home this weekend included a reminder for grandparents afternoon on Thursday 30th June and an invitation next week to join us for sports afternoon. 1W are getting sporty with our parents/relatives on Tuesday at 2.45pm onwards.

Homework for this week is word problems and please look at our topic for this half term.. The seaside.

Useful websites to help with reading, phonics and maths

We have some useful websites for you to use to help your child practise their phonics and maths skills.  These are free to use and all you have to do is google them. Username: mosspark1   Password:campbell


These websites cover all the phonics phases and key and tricky words in the form of games.



In maths this week we have been learning about capacity. In order to have hands on experience with capacity we went outside into the school’s garden where we have a water play area and a mud kitchen. The children we asked to measure containers full of liquid and label them as full, half full, quarter full, nearly empty and empty. When they were playing in the mud kitchen we were looking at filling the pans full, half full, nearly empty and empty. We also looked at recipes and how many scoops of mud flour and scoops of mud butter they would need for example.


The children loved being outside and playing and learning and learnt all about capacity in a very fun way!

Guinea Pigs - CoCo and Suzie

Moss Park Infant School have bought some Guinea Pigs as our school pets. The children all chose names for them and then 2 were picked by Mrs. Butler. Coco (the spotted Guinea Pig) and Suzie (the ginger Guinea Pig) were chosen. It was 1W's turn to look after the Guinea Pigs this week. We have taken it in turns to cuddle, feed and let out the Guinea Pigs. The children had a lovely time petting them and enjoyed their little squeaks of joy at being cuddled!

Family Learning Week

Den Building

Today we had a company in school who are experts in Den Building. The whole school was mixed up and split between classes so that all the children could work together.


We started the day by designing our own den flag and den name. We then progressed to building model dens using plasticine and sticks, looking at triangles to make the strongest den.


We then went outside in our groups and built our dens (based on our models) using bamboo canes, zip ties, waterproof sheeting and camouflage netting. It was great fun! Despite it raining, everyone got stuck in and build fantastic dens!


Thank you to all the parents and adults that came. The children and adults all had a great and creative day!


Summer Term Dates For Your Diary!

Please see the word document below for all the important dates for 1W in the Summer Term.

Family Learning Week - 25th April

Creative Stick Day

We have had a lovely day today – just creating with sticks! A carousel of creative activities was set up (weaving, picture frames, hats, stick men and magic wands) where the children moved from each station and let their imagination take hold! The children and I had so much fun!

Family Learning Week - 25th April

This week is based around the book “Stanley’s Stick” by John Hegley. We have been reading the book and thinking about what we could use our stick as e.g. A magic wand, fishing rod, wings, sword etc…


We have been making our own magic wands so far and we have other creative stick activities to do throughout the week such as stick picture frames, stick weaving, stick hats and stick men.


Today the company “Muddy Feet” came into school and our class (and some adults) went to Moss Park to do outdoor stick work, where the children made clay and stick animals and then made stick dens. The event was a great success with both the children and adults getting stuck in. Some very creative animals and dens were made! Thank you to all the adults who came.

Multi Skills Festival - Thursday 21st April

Year 1 was invited to a Multi Skills Festival today held at George H Carnell Leisure Centre. They travelled around the sports hall doing a series of 8 activities led by year 8 students from Flixton Girls School. The stations focused on the fundamental skills of balance, agility and co-ordination. The event was a great success with 1W proving to be great sports people and a credit to Moss Park Infant School. We were all exhausted at the end!

Tree Treasure Hunt - 13th April

Today Year 1 went on a walk around Moss Park with teachers and parents. We looked at all the local plant and tree life. We had lovely time and the children and adults learnt a lot about all the different plant life in the park. Many thanks to all the parents who came along and supported us.

Bean Planting

This week we have been planting beans to show the children what plants need to grow - soil, water and sunshine, as well as the different stages of plant growth. We have put the beans on the windowsills to watch them grow. The children all enjoyed getting their hands dirty and planting their own Broad bean.

Summer 1 - What birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?

The topic this term is about trees and plants and how they grow. To find out more about the topic please click on the link below.


Sports Relief 18th March

We had a wonderful day for Sports Relief today. The children came in their sports wear and were happy to join in with all the activities. We had Street Dancing where the children learnt a new routine (ready for their Street Dancing classes starting next term!) Plus the children walked / jogged a mile to help raise money for this worthy cause! Thank you to everyone who supported todays fundraising and for all the donations that were kindly given!

Street Dancing!

Still image for this video

Mothers Day - Friday 11th March

To celebrate Mother's Day the children invited a special lady in their life into school for an afternoon tea party. The children served sandwiches, cakes, crisps and biscuits to our visiting adults. We even shared a glass of cordial too.


A big thank you to all the parents who donated food, drinks, plates and cups. Also a  huge well done to the children for making our classroom look so lovely with the bunting. They also made the table cloths in the shape of a kiss, decorated with messages and flowers.


The children had a wonderful afternoon and we would like to thank all the adults who managed to come in and share in the afternoon tea party.


World Book Day 3rd March

We had a lovely day today for World Book Day. The children made a huge effort to dress up as their favourite book characters. We talked about their books, read some and had a party with Pop Project (a singing band) in the afternoon. Well done everyone for making a great effort!


Our new topic for Spring 2 is DINOSAURS. We have been busy this week looking at where our dinosaur footprint came from..? Making dinosaur skeletons and acting out our favourite dinosaur poems. The children have been VERY creative!

Poem - Long, long ago

Still image for this video
The children were asked to pick their favourite poem and add actions to it. They then acted it out in front of the class.

Poem - Dinosaur egg

Still image for this video

Spring 2 - Is a dinosaur a good pet?

This term our topic is all about dinosaurs. To see what the children will be learning about please click onto the document below.

Half Term Homework and Parents Phonics Meeting.

To learn and have fun over the half term we  would like you to use the following phonics websites with your children. This  will help  with their reading, writing and also their phonic skills.

     Username: student42338

     Password: slipper38


Finally, we are going to hold a phonics presentation meeting for parents in Year 1 at 3pm on Wednesday 24th February 2016. We will explain phonics in Year 1 and go through “Phonics Screening for Year 1” that all pupils throughout the country take in June. We cannot stress how important this meeting is for you and your child.


Have a fun learning break!

Many thanks for your help.

The Year 1 team.


Chinese Dancing

Today the children learnt some Chinese dances. They all took part in learning how to dance with a parasol, ribbons, a tigers head and a dragons head. They had a wonderful time and showed yet again how good they are at adapting to new styles of dancing. Well done Year 1!

Dragon and Tiger dancing

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Parasol dancing

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Ribbon dancing

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Robot Exhibition

Year 1 have excelled themselves! We asked the children to design their own robots and what a job they have done! Yesterday we held an exhibition in the school hall to showcase all of the amazing robots that our talented Year 1's have created! We invited the children's parents, grandparents and carers to join us in celebrating their creations and even some of them stood up and talked us through how they made them! A HUGE well done to everyone - you did a splendid job and thank you to all the adults that have supported this event!

How I built my robot

Still image for this video

How I built my robot

Still image for this video

Internet Safety Day

We have been looking at internet safety today by watching Hector's World and talking about what is internet safety..?

  • Not to talk to strangers on the internet
  • Not to give out personal details (name and address)
  • Not to search for adult pictures and games
  • Not to open any strange emails, pictures or videos etc.


We then discussed what to do if any of the above should happen... To talk to an adult at home first before doing any of the above. The children were all very sensible and knew what to do. They then designed their own internet safety poster. Two of which will be chosen by Mrs. Butler to be displayed in reception. 

Robot Exhibition Wednesday 10th February 2.30pm


The children have been working so hard in both 1W and 1CW to creative such lovely robots. 


We would love you to join us to see all the great robots in the exhibition and tell us a bit about how you made your robot.


Mrs Butler will be judging and awarding prizes to the top 3 designs from year 1!


See you on Wednesday!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! - Happy Chinese New Year!

This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year. Today we have learnt about the festivities by listening to music, watching films to do with the customs / the year of the monkey and we have also eaten Chinese food in school. Thank you to all the parents / carers who have donated food to Year 1. We all had a lovely time sampling all the wonderful creations that were sent in!

Teddy Bears and Capoeira

On Friday 22nd January we asked the class to bring in their favourite Teddy Bear, to help the children during their English as we are learning about the story “This is the Bear.” Part of our Talk for Writing for the next two weeks is to describe your Teddy Bear and at the end of the two week cycle they will be writing their own Lost Teddy Poster.


We also had an exciting end to Friday as Year 1 had their own Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts / dance) session which was fantastic! The children really got stuck in and showed amazing flair at this new activity! We have some very talented children in year 1! Well done!

Spring 1


The topic this term is all about Toys (old and new). To get this topic under way we asked the Year 1 children to come into school dressed as their favourite toy. We had lots of brilliant costumes and we discussed as a class their favourite toys. It was a lovely day! 

Spring 1


Why is our PS4 better than Grandma’s old toys?


The new topic for Spring 1 is Toys. We will be looking at old and new toys. The homework for the Christmas holidays is for you to find a favourite toy and draw and write about it. So that in the New Year on the 6th of January the children can come in dressed as it.

Autumn 2 - Light and Dark

This term our topic is Light and Dark, please see the attachment for more details.

Year 1 Disco!

The Friends of Moss Park Infant School organised a Year 1 disco where the children could dance to their favourite tunes and buys glow sticks and lights to help them get down and boogie! They all had a lovely time. A big thank you to The Friends of Moss Park Infant School for all of your help.

Owl Babies

We have been learning all about the book “Owl Babies” in our literacy lessons. We have learnt the story by heart, we have written our own version of “Owl Babies” and we have made our own owl puppets. We have also chanted and performed a Year 1 shadow puppet show for some of our parents which we really enjoyed!

We are celebrating global learning day on Friday the 20th November.  We are going to be learning about France.  The children are all invited to come to school dressed in the colours of the French flag.

Date for your diary!

On Wednesday 2nd of December at 2:45pm parents are invited to watch Year 1 present a shadow puppet performance of "The Owl Babies." We hope to see you there!

We have been measuring this week!

This week we have been looking at measurement. We have split the week between weight and length. We have been predicting and ordering the weight of objects using heaviest, heavy, lighter and lightest in our vocabulary as well as using g and kg. We have also looked at length by measuring objects with cubes and comparing length. We have used longest, longer shorter and shortest in our vocabulary as well as cm and m.

Year 1 walk around the local area

Year 1 went on a short walk around our local area on Thursday 8th October. We looked at the features of the local area e.g. the park, roads, church, petrol station, houses and street signs. We asked the questions: What materials are houses made from? What shapes are the doors and windows? What other buildings can you see? Can you see any numbers on the houses? We then returned to school and made maps of the area including the features that we saw. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the parents who came along to help us!

The finished portraits!

Here they are! Year 1W have done an amazing job at painting their self portraits! Well done to you all!

Our Senses - Sight and Taste

Today we have been learning about 2 of our senses - sight and taste. The children learnt about the senses sight, naming parts of the eye and what eyes are used for and how to keep them healthy. We then played a game with the whole class where the children had to try and remember 10 items and then they were hidden under a cloth. The children then had to write down how many objects they could remember!


We then looked at the sense of taste, naming parts of the mouth and that there are 4 key tastes (sweet, sour, bitter and salty). The children then did a taste test to identify these tastes.

Taste Test

Eid Celebrations!

Today we celebrated Eid at Moss Park Infant School with our children and parents. It was a lovely day and the children enjoyed tasting all the delicious food provided. Thank you to all the parents who supported this event.

Eid Celebrations!

Our Bodies and Senses

1W have been learning about their bodies and naming their different body parts. We have been learning them through song, literature and science (including labelling 2 of our classes bodies!). We have also started learning about our 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.) We have played games with the children to let them learn about their senses.


Year 1 starting their self portraits


The topic this term is all about "ourselves." In Art we are going to be painting self portraits. This week we have been looking at our faces using mirrors to see what we look like(shape, size, features, skin colour, hair...) Our budding Year 1 artists have happily started to draw the shapes of their faces and then painted them. When the paint has dried they will add their features and hair.

School Awards