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Week 7

What a fabulous day we had learning all about Diwali and taking part in our own celebrations! 

We learnt some super dance moves, made our own henna designs and made rangoli patterns using colourful rice, felt tips, crayons and icing on biscuits. We were also lucky enough to have some year 2 children come and talk to us about how they celebrate. 

Today we explored the leaves that have all fallen in our playground. We looked at the colours and shapes and then we made ourselves! 

After that we did some beautiful artwork using the leaves, crayons and water paints. 

What marvellous mathematicians we have in Year 1 Beech!

We all worked really hard using different resources to help us to learn the skill of addition. 

We spoke about different games from the past and even had a go at playing some of them ourselves!

We then made our very own spinning top! 

First Aid Training

We were lucky enough to get a visit from St John’s Ambulance service. They taught us a story about when we are hurt or find somebody that is hurt, we must shout for help. 

We also learnt that the number to call for an ambulance is 999!!

School Awards