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Week 6

Wow! What a week. We have seen, heard, smelt, tasted and felt lots different things. We can’t believe how clever our bodies are being able to send messages so quickly to our brains, we are amazed! Not sure we will be eating lemons as a treat though our sour faces were very funny!

It might be chilly but that didn’t stop us taking our maths learning outside. We had our first look at the part part whole model today. We had loads of fun exploring the number 10! Some of us even took on the challenge of a part part part whole model.

As part of our sense exploration we learnt how to say our names in sign language. I wonder if we can remember it...

I wonder if our grown-ups remember making chatterboxes! We followed the picture instructions to make ours but it was a challenge. We persevered and made some great chatterboxes with lots of nice messages for our friends!

We are learning all about the senses this week and how important they are. Sight was the first sense we explored, we looked at how our eyes work and discussed what it would be like to be blind. We closed our eyes and tried to write our names. It was so tricky!!

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