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Week 6


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What we have been up to…

This week has been a really exciting week in our English lessons, as we have had the chance to innovate our story about CJ on his bus journey. In our new story, he meets lots of teachers we know from our school, who are wearing and holding lots of fun things! You can have a look further down the page to see a picture of our story map with these teachers on. Maybe you could tell your adult (or write down) a sentence to describe one of the teachers, just like we have been doing in class.


We learnt not one, but two new sounds in phonics this week! What made it even tricker, was that they both sound the same but look different - ‘ay’ and ‘a_e’. Attached below are some phonics reading boards we have been using to help us read and write new words in our phonics lessons this week. Children found the split a_e digraph considerably more tricky to get their heads around, especially when it came to writing the words, as we have to remember to leave the gap in between the a and e for another sound. It would be so great if any of you would like to have an extra practise at writing some words from the ‘a_e’ word mats at home! 


In maths, we have learnt what greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) means, and even learnt the symbols for these. We learnt a fab way to remember this too. We imagine the more than and less than sign to be the mouth of a greedy crocodile who loves to eat big numbers. If we have the numbers 10 and 5, 10 is a bigger number, so the crocodile’s mouth will be open facing the 10. We would show this like 10 > 5, meaning that 10 is greater than 5. This is something we still need some more practise on in class, as it is such a new concept to us! 


In geography, we had a brilliant practical lesson where we learnt what an address is and what one looks like, then explored the local area around our school on the iPads using street view. Some children even managed to find their way from school to their houses or shops they are familiar with in Stretford! In RE, we were very lucky this week, as we had Reverend Luke come into school to answer some of our questions about Christianity. We enjoyed having a visitor so much! 

We ended our week with a fun and peaceful art lesson making animal masks. Some beautiful art work here - well done Year 1 Beech.




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