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Week 5

We have been practicing our under arm and over arm throwing!

We have been having great fun in PE with Mr Furness. We have been practicing our throwing skills both over arm and under arm. It was tricky at first but we never gave up!

Can you find one more?

This week are practicing finding 1 more than numbers to 10. We are super mathematicians just like Suzy Superlearner!


Shh! We have a furry visitor...

Coco came into visit 1 Ash today. We were all super gentle just like Ravi Respecter! We loved learning about how to look after guinea pigs.

What’s that smell... it’s toasted marshmallows!

Yum!! We had lots of fun building a fire and toasting marshmallows. We made sure we listened just like Lindi Listener so we could keep ourselves and our friends safe. 

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