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Week 5

What would you need if you were an animal expert observing them in the wild? Making a den and writing a list of all the things you’d need. Well done!

Can you try this at home? Filling up containers and using the language empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full, full? 

Fantastic challenge from these children. I asked them to find different objects around the room to measure the weight. They found a heavy rock! Can you believe it weighed 116 cubes? Super counting together and determination!

Measuring the capacity of different containers using cups as our measurement. We estimated how many we thought it could hold then measured. Very exciting!

Our first outdoors PE of 2019!!!

What an exciting science and DT lesson. We learnt about habitats and what all living things (including plants) need to survive. We then worked in groups to create those animal habitats! What a fantastic job we did!

Innovating our class text Meerkat Mail. Look at our amazing ideas!

Our new exciting reading for pleasure area. I wonder who will get to go in next and enjoy a book?

A fantastic stay and play with our grown ups. Thank you for coming parents, I think the children taught you some new things and gave you ideas on how we learn maths in school. 

School Awards