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Week 5

Fabulous fruity Friday! Today we made some super tasty fruit kebabs, we talked all about why fruit was good for us and how to prepare food safely. There are lots of budding chefs in Year 1 Ash 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

We’ve been looking at 1 more and 1 less in maths this week. Friday was our chance to recap our new learning and we got to apply it in some tricky word problems using our reasoning skills. We worked so well in a team to solve the problems - just like Coco Collaborator and Polly Problem Solver!

We were busy bees this afternoon exploring different things that are important to Christians. We made crosses and churches out of lots of different materials. We were so imaginative we blew our teachers away!

Pizza party! We had such a fun morning following our instructions and making our pizzas. We were all very adventurous with our toppings of peppers and pineapple! We all thought the pizza was delicious... yummy!!

Healthy or unhealthy that is the question! Today Year 1 Ash talked about what makes some foods healthier than others. We talked about what too much salt or sugar can do to our bodies. We decided that the unhealthy foods were okay if you just eat them once in a while as a treat. It’s all about having a BALANCED diet with lots of different foods to make sure we get everything we need to grow big and strong 💪

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