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Week 5

Well done to our superstars this week!

We used art-straws and tape to make our own dinosaurs. We were so creative and had no input from Miss Curbishley at all!

What creative boys and girls we have.  

This week we practiced our number bonds in Maths. We did this in so many different ways! 

We also found lots of ways of making 20. 

Phenomenal Phonics!

We have had lots of excited children accessing our phonics game this week and even more impressively- transferring this phonics practice into fabulous reading!

Animal sorting

Our job was to sort all of the different animals into whether they were a herbivore, carnivores or omnivore. We worked together to complete this challenge remembering that herbivores are plant eaters, carnivores just eat meat and an omnivore eats both! 

School Awards