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Week 5

Well done to our super stars this week!

During our time in the provision on Friday, I was blown away with some of the amazing creations our year 1 children made! 

We also had an extra special treat this week for winning the attendance award- YAY! Well done us! 

Are the instructions the same for making a fruit kebab as they are for making a pizza?! NO!! Of course not! 

We love adding some drama into our T4W Literacy lessons. We added some action into our instructional text- how to make a pizza! 

Today we made our own pizza. We followed our instructions step by step to guide us through the process.

They were delicious! 

Instructional text sorting

Can you sort the instructions that have all got jumbled up?! 

Can you figure out what we are learning how to make? 


Let’s see if we can put our new knowledge into action tomorrow! 

What great phonics we did today. We decided to take advantage of the rain that was left over in our outdoor classroom and form different letters and words! 

What a great way to get our brains working on a Monday morning... can you sort the foods into whether they are healthy or unhealthy? 

This brought great discussion into Year 1 Beech today! 

School Awards