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Week 5

What we have been up to…

This week our phonics sound has been ‘ph’, so we have been reading and writing lots of words with this sound, and putting them into sentences. Some of the words, like ‘elephants’ and ‘alphabet’ were quite tricky to write, but we are getting better and better. In English, we have continued with our work on character descriptions based on our current book ‘Last Stop on Market Street’, only this week our focus hasn’t just been on CJ. We have explored all of the different characters he met on his bus journey and have come up with some super amazing adjectives to describe them. We even challenged ourselves by extending our sentences with the conjunction ‘and’ so that our sentences told us even more information about each character. In maths, we have been learning how to work out one more and one less than a number. We have done this both practically, using physical objects like cubes and counters, and pictorially. We have also practised counting backwards. 


In PE this week, we played spatial awareness games, trying a range of different movements to travel around the room and following instructions to find the right colour cone. In forest school, we made fires, which was so exciting! As geographers, we have explored the meaning of human and physical features, and identified which things in our Year 1 outdoor area are human and which are physical. As scientists, we have investigated similarities and differences between different animals, thinking about which animal group they fit into, whether they are a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore and what physical features they have. We also did some art work based on our animal topic. We talked about the different patterns that animals like snakes, leopards, tigers and zebras have on them. Our main focus was zebra stripes, where we realised that every zebra’s stripes are different, just like how each of us are different! We used black oil pastels to create our own zebra stripes, thinking about how we could vary each stripe so that some were thinner, some thicker, some lighter and some darker. We then looked at different colours and patterns on fish, and used water colour paints to make our own fish to best represent us, using our favourite colours and patterns. We love painting! 

Have a little look at the video below to see lots of pictures of us learning this week.


Still image for this video

Extra Resources


I have left here our sound mat from this week, which features the ‘ph’ sound. Can you read all of the words? Maybe you could even write some of them! 

There is also a reminder of two of the characters from our description writing this week. Can you tell your adult a sentence to describe the character, using adjectives and the conjunction ‘and’?


Also have a listen to the song attached to help you practise counting backwards from 10. If you would like, you could practise writing the numbers from 10-0 just like we have been in class.

School Awards