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Week 4

What have we been up to?

This week we have been fabulous mathematicians and writers, as our English and maths has got even more challenging! We have began looking at subtraction in maths, using part-whole models to help us, and in English, we planned and wrote a non-chronological report all about crocodiles, remembering to use titles, subheadings and question marks. In phonics we have continued to look at different variations of the igh sound (ie/i-e/y).


In history, we reflected upon a brilliant talk we had from one of our grandparents, who told us all about her favourite toys from her childhood. We compared our favourites to her favourites! As scientists, we have continued looking at properties of materials. Can you find something in your bedroom, think about what material it is made from and then think of an adjective to describe that material?


As artists, we have been looking at the colours used by aboriginal artists and creating our own artwork using them. We also put our artistic skills into action to create our very own Christmas decorations to put up in our classroom. We made beautiful snowflakes and paper chains! We have been performers this week too, as we have been rehearsing our Christmas play lots, which we are so excited to show our grown ups really soon!


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Extra resources…

This week we have been using part-whole models to help us subtract. We put the whole (the big number) into our heads and tap our heads as we do so. Then we count backwards from that number on our fingers.

E.g. (for the first question)

We will put 10 in our heads and hold up 10 fingers. The we count backwards from ten on our fingers, until we have put down 6 fingers. We are left holding up 4 fingers, so we know this is the answer to what our other part is. 

This would then be written 10 - 6 = 4, because we have been learning this week that when we are writing a subtraction number sentence, the whole has to come first! 

whole - part = part


10 - 6 = 4

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