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Week 4

What we have been up to…


We started our week with PE on Monday morning, where we learnt how to jump really far by bending our legs, swinging our arms and launching like a spring! We had competitions to see who could jump the furthest, which was really fun. Another thing we found really enjoyable this week was our RE lesson, which was focused on Christianity. We came up with and discussed questions that we would like to ask a Christian. In phonics, we learnt the ‘wh’ sound, and started identifying, reading and writing words that contain this sound. 


We have been looking at a brand new book in English this week. It is called ‘Last Stop on Market Street’ and the main character in it is called CJ. We have been thinking of adjectives to describe CJ, ready for a character description that we will write in the coming weeks. 


In maths we have been learning the numeral names and matching them to their numerals. For example, 1 - one, 2 - two. We also learnt how to count on from any number, remembering that we don’t always have to start counting at 0, for instance if we are counting from 4 to 10, where our counting will begin at number 4. We also concluded our learning on representing numbers in a tens frame, with a fun dice game! 


In Science this week, we investigated differences between omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. We love learning about animals! As geographers, we were locating Moss Park Infant School on a map of Stretford, and then completing an unfinished map of our school, thinking up our very own symbols to represent forest school, our outdoor classroom, the Atelier, the nursery building and the car park. We found it so exciting exploring the streets around the school on Google Maps, and look forward to doing more of this in more of our future geography lessons. 

As always, we have shown tremendous teamwork at forest school! Take a look at the video below to see this, and the rest of our learning in action. 






Still image for this video

Extra Resources

I have attached here our new sound (wh) and the words that we have been looking at this week. We have had a go at reading them, putting them into sentences and writing them, so feel free to have an extra practise at home if you would like. 

I have also included a video link of our new English story, and picture of CJ, who we are really good at describing now. Can you tell your adults at home a sentence to describe CJ? Don’t forget to use your amazing adjectives!  


School Awards