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Week 4

We have had our green fingers out again in Reception Oak and planted sunflowers seeds in our jars.

As artists this week we have done observarional drawings of our beanstalks (which are getting very tall now!) and painted pictures of sunflowers.

In maths we have been learning all about even and odd numbers, we all wanted to know whether our house number was an even number or an odd number. We've also had fun outside measuring eachother and seeing who is the tallest.

In phonics we've continued to practice the phase 4 tricky words each day, both reading them and applying them within our writing. We have done lots of reading and writing of things you might find on the beach or in the ocean.

We have had some lovely chats about what makes a good friend and how we should celebrate each others differences. 

We really enjoyed visiting our new Year 1 classroom and listening to some stories from the current Year 1 children.

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