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Week 3

Let the Diwali celebrations begin!

We used our best sculpture skills to start our Diva lamps. We made them out of clay using our hands and different tools to make them into the right shape and add our own patterns. We can’t wait for them to dry so we can decorate them.

What are things made of?

Today we were scientists and we explored materials. We thought about all of the materials we know and use everyday day. We worked in teams to think about each material and what it is used for and why! We thought of LOADS. Miss Barber asked us to look at home too, to see if we could add to our lists!

Happy Diwali Day!

We loved looking at all of the beautiful rangoli patterns. We were very relaxed when we were colouring them.

Our Diwali dancing was amazing!

We learnt all about Rama and Sita and the story of how the Festival of Lights began. 

Next stage of our Diva lamps complete!

We thought so carefully about which colours we used and the patterns we made. They look fantastic!


Is there any better way to finish the day than a party and some party food. We loved our Diwali day!

Happy World Children’s Day!


Today we talked lots about children’s rights, especially Article 12 Children’s right to a voice.


We thought about how we would change the world in the future. We had some amazing ideas.


What would you see through your global goal glasses?

School Awards