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Week 3

It’s World Book Week!

We were so excited to find out that our book for this week is the Stick Man. We all used our imagination to pretend our stick was lots of different things. We had magical wands, broomsticks, magic pencils, walking sticks, golden Lamborghinis & diamond pick axes and so much more...

We are the rhyming word hunters!

We worked together just like Coco Collaborator to find all of the rhyming words in Stickman. We found so many!

We met a real life author who has written over 100 books!

Damian Hurst came in and told us all about his job as an author! We got to ask him lots of questions and he told us some very silly stories. He was brilliant! We are so happy he came to our school.

We had our first mystery reader! 

Ariana’s mummy came in to share one of their favourite stories with the class. It was the perfect way to end our first day of World Book Week! 

Thank you for joining us for our reading workshop!

We loved showing our grown-ups how we learn and change stories in class. We created some amazing Super sticks and had a great time with our grown ups!!

We love our new Atelier!

We felt like proper artists creating the setting to our Superstick story! We used watercolours to paint our masterpieces.

We met a real poet!

We had an amazing visit from a real life poet. He was so funny! And he helped us to write our own poem. We hope he comes again!


We had another lovely mystery reader- Sarah’s sister!

She was fantastic and we loved hearing the real story of the 3 Little Pigs.

School Awards