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Week 3

We are mathematicians!

We have been adding numbers by making ten! It is really tricky but we have learnt some special steps to help us. 



We learnt some new yoga poses with Miss Fisher, they were all about the Chinese New Year. We talked about the different animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac and how the New Year is celebrated. We used our bodies to make firework shapes- it was really fun!!

We are getting so good at net and wall games!

We amazed Mr Daniels with our throwing, catching and blocking skills. We had such a good time applying our skills to a new game, we can’t wait until next week!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We loved learning some Chinese dance moves. We even got to have a go at making a dragon and a lion, we had to stand close together and move at the same time using lots of teamwork - just like Coco Collaborator!! 

Rio de Vida!!

We loved designing, making and evaluating our instruments. They make great noises!

School Awards