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Week 3

Our mystery reader!

A big thank you to our mystery reader for coming to read to us today. We loved the 4D experience! 

Matt the poet

Today we were very lucky to get a visit from Matt the poet. He did an assembly for us before then working with the class to create our own poem. We then added our own actions! 

Today we created a setting for our story. We used the water colours and choose the size of paintbrush to suit the design that we needed to create. 

Today we spent time outside creating the setting for our story. We had to think about our title and link this to create the context of our story. 

A big thank you to all parents and grandparents that joined us today. We hope you enjoyed coming on our talk for writing journey with us! 

We started with adding actions to the stick man story. We then changed and created our character. We then put a new action together for our new character and finished by drawing and labelling them to add to our story map!


What fabulous readers we have!

Some children this week have been bringing books from home. They didn’t want Miss Curbishley to read them, they wanted to read them all by themselves!


Rhyming words

After introducing the story of the stick man, our next challenge was to find all of the words that rhyme! We did a great job working together as coco collaborators. 

A visit from an author

World Book Week began with a visit from an amazing author- Damian! 

He came and told us all a great story in assembly and then came and did a workshop in our classroom. We heard some of his stories and poems and got to ask lots of questions! 

School Awards