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Week 2

Who knew subtraction could be so fun!

Lights, Camera and Action!!

We have some amazing budding actors in 1 Ash. We acted out our story Supertato thinking about expression and how we can tell a story using our time language and facial expressions as well as our words. We gave eachother some really constructive feedback to help us get even better next time.

Hello Officers!

What an amazing visit from our friendly 

local policemen. We learnt so much about their jobs and his they keep us safe and look after people when they’re in danger. We had our fingerprints taken, held a big riot shield and got to see the police van. The sirens were very loud!!!

We all decided that police officers are definitely real life superheroes!

Superveggies to the rescue!!

We had great fun this week designing and creating our very own superveggies.



It was our first session in the atelier today and it was amazing. We had a great time doing some observational drawing. We really impressed our new artist in residence with how focussed we were. We can’t wait for next week already!

School Awards