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Week 2

What a fabulous session we had in our Atelier today. 

The children were introduced to the beautiful learning environment in which they transformed into artists.

They started by doing some observational drawing of a bee. The children took their time and concentrated on the detail. 

They then had the opportunity to do some free hand doodling in which their imaginations could be accessed to create a drawing of their choice. 

This week we have designed, made and evaluated our very own SuperVeggie! 

They are amazing! 

We were so lucky to have a visit from some more real-life superheroes. They told us all about what they do to help in this world and how we can communicate for help if we need it.

We also were so lucky to see a police van, listen to the sirens, see the flashing lights, hold the shield and have our fingerprint taken! 

Another visit from a real-life superhero!

We were so lucky to have another superhero visit us in school. We learnt lots about how they save the world. 

How amazing- thank you! 

In Maths we have been working on subtraction calculations. We used play dough to make an amount of evil green peas. We then had to squash the peas that we were subtracting to find our answer. We had lots of fun! 

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