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Week 2

Well done to our super stars this week!

Can you follow the adjectives and move in different ways?

What a super job we did moving in different ways to act out the characters in our story. We even included adjectives in to the drama too! 

After making the most fabulous designs for our invitations, we thought we must make them become reality! 

We got to work observing the details on our design to make our finished product. They looked AMAZING! 

We sent these out to our grown-ups informing them that our parent celebration event will be on Tuesday 24th September at 2:30pm in Year 1 Beech... which I am sure they could tell from the super writing. 

What a relaxing yoga session we had. I was so impressed that we remembered so many yoga poses, even after a whole summer off! 

Today we learnt that an adjective means a describing word. 

We thought of lots of different adjectives to describe the characters in our story. 


Can you count the correct amount of objects to match the number? 

In Year 1 Beech we can!

School Awards