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Week 1

Science Celebration Days


We have just had the best two days celebrating science in our school. 

It started with an amazing assembly by the Mad Science Group with Explosive Erika who was our mad scientist!

Explosive Erika showed us lots of experiments involoving different types of energy! Which was your favourite experiment?

Mrs Cuninghame held a brilliant assembly all about energy too. The experiment she did had everyone saying wow and made us all jump a little bit! Thank you for all your help and support over the past two days. 

Over the two days we took part in a carousel of science activities with all the teachers throughout the school. This was great fun as we got to visit their classrooms too!

With Mrs Plant we investigated static electricity and took part in experiments involving ballooons, straws, cans, water and lots more!

With Mr Ryder we found out about journeys and found out that he wanted to travel to the moon but unfortunately his experiment with a bottle of coke and mentos didn’t carry him there but was very exciting to see!

With Miss Graham we investigated floating and sinking and found out what makes things float or sink plus some magic ways to get things to float!

In our class we made ice cream in a bag! We found out about the chemical reaction of salt being added to ice and after a lot of shaking we had delicious vanilla ice cream!


With Mrs Salim we used skittles! Not to eat but to experiment with and make colour patterns. We even managed to make rainbows!

Mrs Lavin helped us make predictions as to what would happen during our rocket experiment and helped us to guess how high it would go!

Miss Warden showed us some really close up pictures in zoom in, zoom out! They were tricky to guess! We had a go in the feels boxes and the smelly boxes were horrid! Brown sauce, coffee, hot chocolate and bath bombs!

Mrs Cuninghame told us all about the digestive system and we found out how food travels through our bodies and is used for energy or not used and becomes poo! It was very messy but great fun!

School Awards