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Week 1

Happy Outdoor Classroom Day!

We were all wrapped up and ready to go on Thursday, celebrating Outdoor Classroom Day. Our theme this year was STICKS!

We were inspired by the book Stanley’s Stick. We used our imaginations to think of what our sticks could be - we had some fantastick ideas. We had witches wands, walking sticks, cricket bats, broomsticks, cars and the list goes on.


We made some of our sticks into natural paintbrushes using leaves and other natural things to create the brush. The tying was quite tricky but we persevered and didn’t give up! When we got back to class we had lots of fun painting our bonfire pictures using the brushes we had made!

Thursday is PE Day! 

We had lots of fun practicing our travelling and dodging skills, as well as, our balancing! Some of our balances were very creative as you can see!

School Awards