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Week 1

Today we had the challenge of ordering the pictures from our new story. We had to do this task with our talk partners and discuss the ideas behind our thinking.

We all did a fantastic job. 

How many different ways can you sort? 

The children did a super job at thinking of different ways of sorting objects and ourselves. 

Can you practice this at home?


It wasn’t treasure, not the naughty bus, not even a monster or skeleton. 

But what are these objects? 

We cant wait to find out! 

To practice our positional language, we used the bee-bot to navigate around the map. We developed the language of left and right, learning new ways to remember this. 

Today something exciting happened... a map arrived in Year 1 Beech! 

We followed the map using positional language such as forwards, left and right which led to a big red X! Under the X was a box... but what was inside? 

We all made some fantastic suggestions of what it could be! 

What a super day we had today in Year 1! We started by doing some hot seating... what did you do in the summer?! The children asked each other lots of brilliant questions! 

We also loved exploring the new environment, taking on new responsibilities in class, catching up with our friends and finishing the day playing some games together.

I can’t wait to have lots of fun again tomorrow!

School Awards