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Towers, turrets and tunnels

Fancy some extra home learning? Can you write 2 multiplication number sentences for each array?

A nice relaxing afternoon, drawing, improving and painting our dragons.

Well done to our certificate receivers. It was special one this Friday, as it was the mathematician and writer of the Term.

In Science this week, we have been designing and making a home for a pet. We had to think of the survival needs of each animal and even came up with a special feature.

Multiplication is so much fun! We have been exploring how to make equal groups.

Our trip to Hoghton Tower was so much fun. We got to dress up at knights and ladies, look around the bedrooms of kings and dukes and explore the dungeons.

Well done our fantastic certificate receivers. Well deserved!

We had a very chilled out topic lesson, we used our skills from paper weaving and tried our hand at cloth weaving. Lots of us found it hard, but we didn't give up. We practised and finally produced some lovely weaves.

Well done certificate receivers and V.I.P

For some extra maths lesson, try out these two-step questions about money. If you would like a sheet for the weekend then Miss Godfrey will have some at the end of the day.

Last week, we came up with a scientific question for our class experiment. This week we became scientists and answered our questions. Which drinks are the healthiest? We measures sugar in; water, water with juice, fruit juice, smoothie, energy drink and pepsi. It was a fascinating experiment.

Have a go at this money problem. Maybe your adult will let you play around with their money.

Take fire and aim! Yes, our DT lesson was all about making catapults.

We've been trying to improve our story 'Kassim and the Greedy dragon' by adding speech. We started the lesson by choosing cards and reading out the speech. We had to change our voices to match how it had to be said.

We've started our art project. We are learning to weave. We started by learning a weaving song then moved on to weaving paper. Everyone had a good try.

In Maths this week, we are still learning about money. Today we have been learning about finding the difference between two amounts. We found out that we could either count on from the smallest number or count backwards from the biggest number.

We have had a few weeks with the new computers and we are getting really good. We can attach the mouse, turn on, log in and open up our program. We have been designing and creating a castle this week. We talked with our partner about what a castle would need then used different shapes to make. We also learnt about improving our design and making it better.

We have been looking at our new text 'Kassim and the Greedy Dragon' this week. We have learn the story and now, we are picking away at all the wonderful language. Today we were looking at verbs and sorting them into present and past.

Well done to all our certificate receivers and V.I.Ps. Pictures from this week and last.

Really cool videos for learning your timetables

BREAKING NEWS!! Both dragon eggs have hatched and both dragons have fledged. Keep a look out to see if you can spot them.

Today, we got into character and became Kassim, Mum or the dragon from our next text. We've got some fantastic actors in our class.

Music is lots of fun this term. We are looking at not just singing but movement. In this song we are experiences two kinds of beats, but we aren't thinking too much about that, we're just having lots of fun doing it.

Still image for this video

Golden time has started with a bang! We've got some lovely new toys to play with. We love the football and we can't get enough of our dragons. There has been lots of extra writing and drawing.

Here are some of our class using the new computers. We've been using paint to design and create a house. Next week we will be creating a castle.

Call out!

If you have any old pieces of cloth, wool or clothes you are about the throw away, please bring them in. Next week we will be trying our hand at weaving and we need all the material we can find. 



Is washing your hands important? We think so, and we have the science to back it up. This week we conducted an experiment to see how germs can spread. It was very enlightening.

P.E notice

P.E will be on a Monday morning and a Tuesday afternoon this term. Please can you make sure P.E kits are in school. 

They will be placed in the big plastic boxes so we can keep our classroom tidy. 


This is a call out for any junk that might be lying around your house.

We have started a modelling station in our class in the hope of building a class castle. If you have any cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, tubes or anything that looks great for building with bring them into class. 


Let's get building!!

This week in maths, we will be starting Money. Have a go at some of these fun games from TopMark maths website.

Do you know what to look for when building a castle? We do. Castles should be high up and near water. Digging a moat and building thick, high walls is also important.

What could be more fun than talking about dragons?............Creating our own and getting to name them. We spent our English lesson designing our own dragon and labeled it's features.

Today, we have been practising using a number line. We were estimating where numbers should be. It was a little tricky however we remember that we needed to add the middle number and it became easier. Have a practise with this game. There is also a fun tablet version.

We kicked of this term by starting our Science Topic; Animals including Humans. Did you know we are animals? Well we do now and there are three things that we need to survive. Oxygen, Food and Water. We spent the lesson looking at different types of food and how they can help us.

BREAKING NEWS!! We have found some mysterious footprints in school and after following them we have discovered 4 eggs. We believe them to be Dragon Eggs. No sign of the mother so we have decided to incubate them in our class. We keep hearing noises from them. Watch this space!

Miss Godfrey went for a walk the other day and found this building. Do you know what type of building this is? Can you name some of it's features? I wonder if some one lives here now?

School Awards