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Teaching and Learning

WOW! What fabulous activities our children took part in whilst learning all about Neurodiversity. The children learnt in assembly that 'Neuro' meant the brain and that 'diversity' means different. They discussed different conditions which some children may have such as Autism and ADHD and how this could therefore make them struggle with certain things in life.

Some of the activities around school promoted the understanding of some of the physical challenges some children may be faced with and how their brain has to think different in order for them to complete a task.  

Quality-First Teaching
Quality-first teaching involves high quality inclusive teaching, which enables a child to access the curriculum through the whole school process of assessing, planning, implementing, tracking, monitoring and reviewing progress. 
Interventions are put in place to support the teaching and learning within school. They are to enable a tailored approach to a child or group of children to support them in making progress. These are carried about by both teachers and teaching assistants and are delivered to a high standard, planned for by the class teacher based on a child's prior knowledge and next steps. 

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