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Summer 2

Rights Respecting Day

For our Rights Day the children started by talking about our class charter and the articles present. We then had to sort different pictures into what we want in life and what we need in life. This was very interesting! The children then went on a welly walk to find the different rights around the classroom, we also spoke about our feelings and drew these out to show our friends before finishing with matching our Super Learners to different people who help us:

Safe spike- Police man / Healthy Henry- Doctor

National Sports Week 

On Monday the children took part in lots of exciting games. They did multi-skills with Mr Jordan, yoga, 5-A-day, egg and spoon race, daily mile and javelin throwing! 

On Tuesday, the children all brought in their bikes and scooters which they had lots of fun on! They also took part in gymnastics where they did fantastic balancing.

On Wednesday, the children learnt all about healthy food. They each made a humous and salad wrap and a fruit kebab. The children then had a lovely picnic to enjoy their healthy food! 

On Thursday, the children took part in capoeira. They enjoyed moving to music and learning new words!

We also went on our walk to the allotments. The children were SUPER! They stayed safe and learnt all about where fruit and vegetables grow. We saw lots of delicious healthy foods growing! 

And to finish an amazing week, we had our very own sports day!! It was brilliant and the children were fantastic at their egg and spoon, beanbag and running races!

A big well done to all of the grown-ups that joined in! 

When I Grow Up...

What do you want to be when you grow up?!

What a super day we have had for our Graduation today! Everybody looked beautiful and it was such a special day for our children. We hope you enjoyed it too! 

What great fun we had when Police Officer Mike came to visit our Nursery! We got to explore his police car, listen to the siren, have our fingerprint taken and we even got to keep this in a key ring and got a badge and sticker! How lucky are we!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and see us! 

What a super day we had on Friday! We had lots of fun playing games with our Daddies and other grown-ups. Thank you all for coming and have a super day on Sunday! 

The video has been uploaded onto the 'video' page! 

When I grow up...

What a super first week we have had in Nursery. We have been exploring our new role play areas, learning all about different occupations and having a go at being in these roles ourselves! 

School Awards