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Summer 2

Can we save the planet ? 

     Why do we need the sun? 

            What might you see at the beach? 

                   What would you do if you found a rock? 


Summer Term will be all about using our junk to create treasures and things we can use again. We will be using recycle objects to make create plant pots and fancy bean jars whilst we grow our very own beanstalk. We will write instructions of what a plant needs to grow and we will record in our own growing books. 


We will learn about our right to clean water, good health and a safe environment. We will continue our talk for writing text...Jack and the Beanstalk and we will create our own mini film acting out the characters. 


We will read the text...if you find a rock! This is a beautiful picture book which we will look closely at the Art, textures, colours and shapes.  Amira Gale's Art will be sprinkled around our classroom spaces to inspire us looking at oceans and thinking about environmental issues we want to change. We will be using pebbles and rocks to create structures, double halve and consolidate our number facts to 10. 


During summer term we think about our journey and how we have developed over time and within our community and of course getting to know our new teachers in year 1.   




Text we will be reading...

School Awards