Moss Park Infant School

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Summer 2

Medium term plan parents

A Million Dreams Lyrics

Uploaded by chim chim my love on 2018-02-12.

surfin U.S.A with lyrics

S Club 7: Reach for the Stars - lyrics

Uploaded by amelia on 2015-05-16.

Last yoga lesson in the infants

Attendance Assembly

Investigating things that are living and dead

Live from Yoga

Week 5: Our butterflies are all emerged.

We had an amazing time letting our butterflies go free to start the lifecycle all over again.

Week 4: Look how mouldy and full of bacteria our bread has become after three weeks

Yoga at the beach this week.....only the theme!

Yoga is great for keeping calm like a downward dog

Learning Capoeira with Michael.

Searching for different habitats around the school

Look at our amazing butterflies, they are hatching

Week 3: Look at the size of our caterpillars

The mould just keeps on growing.

Capoeira is such energetic fun to learn

Week 2: Look at our new arrivals !

Capoeira Lessons every Tuesday

What has happened to our tiny caterpillars?

Look at the bacteria that has grown on our bread

Week 1: The wheels on the bus go round and round.

The Very Hungry Caterpillars

Why are we all putting our hands on a piece of bread?

The long walk to a well earned packed lunch

Tired but happy on the way home

School Awards