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Summer 1

What can you see in the rainbow?

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk, we went on the hunt for a range of different objects. We then had to sort our objects out into different colours: red, blue, yellow and green. There were a couple of tricky orange objects thrown in though! We had to make predictions on how to make the colour orange before then going to put our theories to the test. 

We explored mixing different colours and were so excited to see what they were going to change to! We then had a go at this independently. 

What a royally busy day we had today!

Today we had a super day celebrating the upcoming royal wedding. The children looked and learnt all about the queen and where she lives, and about who Prince Harry and Megan are, and where they will be getting married. We created our own crowns and had our own royal wedding!

This week for our welly walk, we practiced our letter formation. We used the chalks to draw s,a,t,p,i and n. We sang the Jolly phonics songs as we did this. 

'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see?'

As we have been developing our story telling of the story 'Brown Bear' we have been making story maps, using character puppets and then creating our new characters to replace the brown bear. We have been getting lots of ideas from different books! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk, we had to listen to instructions, moving in a variety of different ways to a selected colour. It was lots of fun. Some of us then also got the chance to be the teacher and give the instructions to their friends. 

All things colourful!

This week we began looking at different colours. We did this through the environment but also within our new Talk for Writing story, Brown Bear. 

What does Old McDonald have on his farm?

Our trip to the farm

Can you tell your grown-up all about our day at the farm? 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk, we each had half of an animal from the farm. The children had to make the sound of their animal/object and try and listen to find their other half! It was lots of fun! 

Today we learnt all about sheep. We watched a video to see how the sheep are sheared before then having a try ourselves! We also learnt the wool is used to make clothes, insulate houses and make rugs. 

Today we learnt all about cows. We watched a video where we learnt that milk is produced by cows and the farmers get this from a cows udder. As we didn't have a real cow to practice milking, we used our imaginations and used the same technique the farmers used! 

Our beautiful garden!

A BIG thank you to all of the grown-ups who made it in to help us do some planting today. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did. Look at how beautiful it looks already- imagine once all of our seeds and bulbs have (hopefully!) grown! 

Today in Nursery, we incorporated our Welly Walk into learning all about Refugee's. We began by listening to a song and watching a video about what we need to keep us alive. We then went on our Welly Walk, each collecting an object to then sort into whether it was a need in life or a want. We then made marks to represent what a Refugee may need to help them. 

Marvellous Maths!

Today in Nursery, we made our own tally chart. We all picked our favourite animal from the farm, made a mark and then we counted which animal had the most votes! 

The pig was the most popular with 9 votes. 

As part of our new well-being Friday, the Nursery children enjoyed their first yoga session this week. They learnt a range of different poses as well as learning what 'good sitting' looks like.

When the sun comes out to play!

Farm fun

This week has been a very exciting week for our Nursery children. Prior and following our trip to the farm the children have enjoyed role playing in our farm shop, moving like animals in PE, orally blending sounds during our farm lotto and joining in doing a recount of our trip to the farm during talk for writing! 


What a fantastic day we have had at the farm today! The nursery children enjoyed going on the tractor, feeding the goats and sheep, brushing the horse, feeding the pigs, meeting the chicks and stroking the calf's. We even met a new baby lamb minutes after being born! 

The children had a super play in the play barn and of course enjoyed the best part of all...lunch and ice cream! 

We can't wait to learn more about our farm topic. 

School Awards