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Summer 1

ALEX - One of the most smartest parrots ever!

This is Alex, the african grey parrot. Sadly he died in 2007 :( But this proves that there are many smart creatures out there. ;)

Can you be a professor know it all?

Can you talk about Life cycles?

Well done Keeley VIP this week. Who will it be next week. Be the best you can be at lunchtime !

Writing a report

outdoor learning so many opportunities

Well done Jack, being the best you can be at lunchtime! Who will it be next week?

The Story of the Little Mole...

We have been learning about seed dispersal. We were excited to hear that some animals eat the seeds then when the seeds come out the other end they grow in a new place. Who ever though!

We now know how a sycamore seed travels, we made a paper version to see how it travels. They stayed in the air a long time!

We had some seeds we had to try and match them with the name of the plant, tricky!

One week later, the seeds are growing!

Planting our beans

Well done Oliver. VIP this week. I wonder who it will be next week.

How to make a paper helicopter that flies

To help us to understand seed dispersal we will make a paper helicopter just like a maple or sycamore seed. Where does it go? How far does it travel?

Look at the seeds. What helps them move away from the plants and trees?

Seed Song - How Seeds Move - Seed Dispersal

Listen to the song... Why do the seeds need to get away from the plants and trees?

Well done Alice, who will be our VIP next week? Who will be the best they can be during lunchtimes?

The Tin Forest

The Tin Forest, written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Wayne Anderson Animation created by Cincinnati State students in the Graphic Design and 3D Animation program in 2006. Instructor Jason K Caudill Audio created by Cincinnati State students in the Audio/Video program in 2006.
We will start reading this book in class in the 2nd May.

The classroom is all ready for you to start learning

So much to learn next half term!

School Awards