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Summer 1

What a super half term we have had!

Do you remember when...we found out about litres and millilitres?

...we kindly shared our Gruffalo stories?

...we found out about different types of materials?

....What was your favourite thing to learn about this half term?

Outdoor Maths

We were working on counting forwards and back from given numbers within 20 0r 30. First we recited the numbers forwards and backwards (backwards is very tricky... we need to keep practising this!) Then we ordered all the numbers independently. After that we answered questions about the numbers, such as 'Which number is one more than 18?' 'Which number is one less than 30?'

Can you spot any mistakes?

Another proud VIP. Silza was 'caught' making the right choices at lunchtime this week. Will it be your turn next?

Look at the photos of our fabulous trip!  We had a fantastic time!!!
Aaron was our  lunch time VIP.  Who will be chosen next?  Try to be the best that you can be this week.  Think about how our Super Learners would behave at lunch time :)
We have been using the maths equipment.  We estimated how many items it would take to fill a container, wrote down our estimates and then checked by counting.  Do you think we made sensible estimates?

We love being a Healthy Henry in P.E.

Subtraction outside!

We have been using number lines to count back to help with subtraction

The children love finding out who our lunch time VIP will be each week. Kaitlyn was really pleased that it was her today!

We really enjoyed our singing lesson!

And this week's VIP is...(drum roll)...Lucas!! Well done Lucas. Your good behaviour at lunchtime has been spotted :)

We have been acting out our Talk for Writing version of The Gruffalo..'A gruffalo, what's a gruffalo?'


Do you recognise all the numbers to 100?

Can you count forwards and BACKWARDS from any given number between 100 and 0 ? 

If not get practising........

For example, Can you count from 51 back to 24? Can you count from 18 to 25? How many steps is that? Can you count from 47 back to 17? Which number comes before 70? Which number is 40 one more than? Which number is one less than 30?

Listen to the story of the gruffalo here

Click on the link and enjoy......

Oh help! Oh no! Year 1 are doing The Gruffalo!!!

We're sure your little ones LOVE this classic story and if they don't yet...they're going to!!  Remember that one of your homework tasks was to read The Gruffalo over the holidays (if you haven't got a copy pay a visit to the library, there's sure to be one there).  If you have any Gruffalo books/toys/games etc that you would like to bring in to share with the rest of the class they would be most welcome.  Can't wait to get started!!

School Awards