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Summer 1

Summer Term 1 Planning

Commotion in the Ocean ....What will the children discover?


We are going to have a very exciting time this half term. In fact there is going to be a real 'Commotion in the Ocean' in Reception! We are going to be learning all about under the sea creatures, how to care for the oceans and how we can help Eco Eddy in his quest to care for our planet. 



You may have noticed a few changes to the reception classroom this week! The children certainly have and they have enjoyed the exciting challenges they have discovered. 


"I am so proud of my classroom" Noah, aged 4 years 

We love our classroom

Great start to our Science days - we really enjoyed the special assembly

Something fishy has been going on!

Our topic started with exploring lots of sea creatures and finding out interesting facts. We kicked off with the beautiful story the Rainbow Fish, learning the story and re-telling it using our 'Talk 4 Writing' skills. From this hook, we created our very own unique fish and labelled them. There has been some beautiful fish created from home learning with lots of effort. We have sung the 'Octopus's Garden and Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and performed a wonderful express to our parents and carers. The weather has been very kind to us this half term, therefore we had the opportunity to connect with nature, the children especially have enjoyed creating their own perfume using herbs and petals.


The children have been motivated and excited from our jellyfish hunt, they loved following clues and making sentences with their found words. They designed their our own jellyfish using recyclable materials, each one different and unique. We also discussed the 'commotion in the ocean story.' The children have been thinking of their own solutions to how we can help be kind to our natural world, reducing the amount of plastic we use.


Finally, our dress up day was a wonderful way to express our favourite sea creature. We had some very unique outfits, so a huge thank you to the effort that went into making the costumes. Our last day was very exciting! We joined thousands of schools globally to celebrate being outdoors. We made leaf crowns, necklaces, collages, dens and went on a nature hunt. It was a very memorable day and the children were very happy and relaxed.


We are very proud of all our little learners in Reception and we appreciate your continued support. We hope you have a wonderful break and for those who are celebrating Eid this holiday, best wishes to you and your family.

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