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Summer 1

Planting with parents!

Planting with parents!  1
Planting with parents!  2
Planting with parents!  3
Planting with parents!  4
Planting with parents!  5
Planting with parents!  6
Planting with parents!  7
Planting with parents!  8
Planting with parents!  9
Planting with parents!  10
Planting with parents!  11
Planting with parents!  12
Planting with parents!  13
Planting with parents!  14
Planting with parents!  15
Planting with parents!  16
Planting with parents!  17
Planting with parents!  18
Planting with parents!  19
Planting with parents!  20
Planting with parents!  21
Planting with parents!  22
Planting with parents!  23
Planting with parents!  24
Planting with parents!  25
Planting with parents!  26
Planting with parents!  27
Planting with parents!  28

A big thank you to all of our parents that came to nursery today to help make our nursery garden look beautiful! The children enjoyed having you here with us and getting stuck in. We can't wait to watch our flowers grow! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our welly walk we were looking at size. We worked together to draw around Miss Curbishley, and then around our friends. We then had to see who was taller and who was smaller. We used the chalk to draw around our hands and feet and then used the tape measures to measure different parts of our body. 

How does your garden grow?!

How does your garden grow?! 1
How does your garden grow?! 2
How does your garden grow?! 3
How does your garden grow?! 4

'Milking the cow'

'Milking the cow'  1
'Milking the cow'  2
'Milking the cow'  3
'Milking the cow'  4
'Milking the cow'  5
'Milking the cow'  6
'Milking the cow'  7

On Friday we learnt all about what we can get from a cow. The boys and girls told me that milk that we can drink and have on our cereal comes from a cow. We watched a video on how to get milk from a cow and what happens before we drink it. We then used a rubber glove filled with water to have a try and seeing what it would be like to milk a cow. It was so much fun!

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Welly Walk Wednesday! 1
Welly Walk Wednesday! 2
Welly Walk Wednesday! 3
Welly Walk Wednesday! 4
Welly Walk Wednesday! 5
Welly Walk Wednesday! 6
Welly Walk Wednesday! 7
Welly Walk Wednesday! 8
Welly Walk Wednesday! 9
Welly Walk Wednesday! 10
Welly Walk Wednesday! 11
Welly Walk Wednesday! 12
Welly Walk Wednesday! 13
Welly Walk Wednesday! 14
Welly Walk Wednesday! 15
Welly Walk Wednesday! 16
Welly Walk Wednesday! 17
Welly Walk Wednesday! 18
Welly Walk Wednesday! 19
Welly Walk Wednesday! 20
Welly Walk Wednesday! 21
Welly Walk Wednesday! 22
Welly Walk Wednesday! 23
Welly Walk Wednesday! 24
Welly Walk Wednesday! 25
Welly Walk Wednesday! 26
Welly Walk Wednesday! 27
Welly Walk Wednesday! 28
Welly Walk Wednesday! 29
Welly Walk Wednesday! 30
Welly Walk Wednesday! 31
Welly Walk Wednesday! 32
Welly Walk Wednesday! 33
Welly Walk Wednesday! 34
Welly Walk Wednesday! 35
Welly Walk Wednesday! 36
Welly Walk Wednesday! 37

Today for our welly walk we went on the hunt for some shapes in the environment. We found circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, and stars! We then used the chalk on the pavement to draw our own animals using a variety of different shapes, naming each of them as we did this. 


Sheep!  1
Sheep!  2
Sheep!  3
Sheep!  4
Sheep!  5
Sheep!  6
Sheep!  7
Sheep!  8
Sheep!  9
Sheep!  10
Sheep!  11
Sheep!  12
Sheep!  13
Sheep!  14
Sheep!  15
Sheep!  16
Sheep!  17
Sheep!  18
Sheep!  19
Sheep!  20

Today we learnt all about what we can get from a sheep! 

We watched a video all about what happens to sheep in the Spring- they have their hair cut! We then watched the wool from the sheep go into the factory, get cleaned and then get made into all sorts of things such as a scarf, jumper and a rug. 

We then had a go at doing some sheep sheering ourselves! We used the tool to 'clip' the wool (shaving foam) from our sheep, collected the wool in a bucket and then took it to the factory. 

We also made some sheep pictures. Using the tweezers, we dipped the cotton wool into glue and then added on feet and a face. 


Talk4Writing  1
Talk4Writing  2
Talk4Writing  3
Talk4Writing  4
Talk4Writing  5
Talk4Writing  6
Talk4Writing  7
Talk4Writing  8
Talk4Writing  9
Talk4Writing  10
Talk4Writing  11
Talk4Writing  12
Talk4Writing  13
Talk4Writing  14
Talk4Writing  15

We have been doing some super T4W work throughout this topic. We made a story map about our trip to the farm. We then made up some different actions to go with each aspect of the story, alongside the Pie Corbett actions for 'Once upon a time', 'First', 'Next', 'Finally' and 'The end'. We then set off to make our very own story map. We have been using finger puppets and props outside to help us to learn the story, adding in our own twists along the way! 

Watch some of our videos on the video page of the website!

We have been so busy over the last few weeks having so much fun! 

We have been taking part in lots of exciting activities within our farm theme as well as building up our confidence within each of the areas of learning, getting ready for Reception- without even realising it! 

Our Farm Shop

Our Farm Shop 1
Our Farm Shop 2
Our Farm Shop 3
Our Farm Shop 4
Our Farm Shop 5
Our Farm Shop 6
Our Farm Shop 7
Our Farm Shop 8
Our Farm Shop 9
Our Farm Shop 10
Our Farm Shop 11
Our Farm Shop 12
Our Farm Shop 13
Our Farm Shop 14
Our Farm Shop 15
Our Farm Shop 16
Our Farm Shop 17
Our Farm Shop 18
Our Farm Shop 19
Our Farm Shop 20

We have been having lots of fun in our farm shop. We have been using the tills to serve the customers, answering the phones and buying the food. We have also been playing with the small world farm, washing our hands and telling stories using the puppets.

Welly Walk Wednesday!

For our welly walk this week, we had to put our looking eyes on and Lindi listening ears. The boys and girls had to run as fast as they could to the number which Miss Curbishley shouted out! We all got very excited as we waited for the next number to be called and we found every one of them! What super Suzie Superlearners! 


Music!  1
Music!  2
Music!  3

We were very excited to start our first music lesson today. We went over to the hall and the children learnt all about some musical instruments such as a piano and a guitar. We sang a variety of different songs and made lots of funny sounds with our voices! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Welly Walk Wednesday!  1
Welly Walk Wednesday!  2
Welly Walk Wednesday!  3

For our welly walk today, we got the parachute out! We had to move the parachute in a range of different ways- high, low, slow, fast. We then had to try and keep the ball from falling off! What a tricky job this was. We were all super coco collaborators! 

Stockley Farm!

Stockley Farm! 1
Stockley Farm! 2
Stockley Farm! 3
Stockley Farm! 4
Stockley Farm! 5
Stockley Farm! 6
Stockley Farm! 7
Stockley Farm! 8
Stockley Farm! 9
Stockley Farm! 10
Stockley Farm! 11
Stockley Farm! 12
Stockley Farm! 13
Stockley Farm! 14
Stockley Farm! 15
Stockley Farm! 16
Stockley Farm! 17
Stockley Farm! 18
Stockley Farm! 19
Stockley Farm! 20
Stockley Farm! 21
Stockley Farm! 22
Stockley Farm! 23
Stockley Farm! 24
Stockley Farm! 25
Stockley Farm! 26
Stockley Farm! 27
Stockley Farm! 28
Stockley Farm! 29
Stockley Farm! 30
Stockley Farm! 31
Stockley Farm! 32
Stockley Farm! 33
Stockley Farm! 34
Stockley Farm! 35
Stockley Farm! 36
Stockley Farm! 37
Stockley Farm! 38
Stockley Farm! 39
Stockley Farm! 40
Stockley Farm! 41
Stockley Farm! 42
Stockley Farm! 43
Stockley Farm! 44
Stockley Farm! 45
Stockley Farm! 46
Stockley Farm! 47
Stockley Farm! 48
Stockley Farm! 49
Stockley Farm! 50
Stockley Farm! 51
Stockley Farm! 52
Stockley Farm! 53
Stockley Farm! 54
Stockley Farm! 55
Stockley Farm! 56
Stockley Farm! 57
Stockley Farm! 58
Stockley Farm! 59
Stockley Farm! 60
Stockley Farm! 61
Stockley Farm! 62
Stockley Farm! 63
Stockley Farm! 64
Stockley Farm! 65
Stockley Farm! 66
Stockley Farm! 67
Stockley Farm! 68
Stockley Farm! 69
Stockley Farm! 70
Stockley Farm! 71
Stockley Farm! 72
Stockley Farm! 73
Stockley Farm! 74
Stockley Farm! 75
Stockley Farm! 76
Stockley Farm! 77
Stockley Farm! 78
Stockley Farm! 79
Stockley Farm! 80
Stockley Farm! 81
Stockley Farm! 82
Stockley Farm! 83
Stockley Farm! 84
Stockley Farm! 85
Stockley Farm! 86
Stockley Farm! 87
Stockley Farm! 88
Stockley Farm! 89
Stockley Farm! 90
Stockley Farm! 91
Stockley Farm! 92
Stockley Farm! 93
Stockley Farm! 94
Stockley Farm! 95
Stockley Farm! 96
Stockley Farm! 97
Stockley Farm! 98
Stockley Farm! 99
Stockley Farm! 100
Stockley Farm! 101
Stockley Farm! 102
Stockley Farm! 103
Stockley Farm! 104
Stockley Farm! 105
Stockley Farm! 106
Stockley Farm! 107
Stockley Farm! 108
Stockley Farm! 109
Stockley Farm! 110
Stockley Farm! 111
Stockley Farm! 112
Stockley Farm! 113
Stockley Farm! 114
Stockley Farm! 115
Stockley Farm! 116

What an amazing day we had today at the farm! The children (and grown-ups!) had lots of fun seeing lots of different animals and taking part in some super activities!

We got to go on a tractor ride, feed the baby animals using the bottles, stroke the pony, feed the cows, pet the guinea pigs, visit the sheep and pigs, play in the big fun play area, have a picnic, and have an ice-cream!

WOW what a busy day!

The children were superstars all day and were that tired from the excitement, some of us even had a sleep on the way back to nursery.

Thank you to all of the parent helpers who did a great job today- we really appreciate it! 

What does Old McDonald have on his farm?!

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