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Street Detectives

Have a go at playing this money game. Scan your item then find the coins needed to pay.

It's all about money this week. We've been creating amounts from lots of different coins and been making amounts to buy at our fantasy shop. It's fun to practise with money at home.

Gwiazdka means little like in Polish. Have a practise of this beautiful song (ignore Miss Godfrey's piano playing, she needs to practise at home too).

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Christmas Laterns

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Use your song sheet that you took home for homework. Can you sing along with Miss Godfrey? She has made a mistake on one of the words so make sure you sing nice and loud so you don't hear her.

On Friday, we had a fantastic art workshop with Paul who is a Lowry expert. He started the day by giving us a masterclass in drawing 3D people and objects, we had a brilliant model to help. Then, he taught us how to draw 3D perspectives of buildings, similar to the terraced houses in Lowry's paintings. It was very hard, but we all produced some fantastic pieces. Finally, we focused on the building shapes in Lowry's paintings and created large scale rubbings of the buildings. These are up on display in our classrooms. Please come and see!

Over the past few weeks our class has been studying the religion Islam. This week we were super lucky to have a parent come in to talk about being a Muslim. As a Rights respecting school, we know that every child has the right to their own religion. We were all Ravi Respecters and thought of questions we would like to ask.

Help Miss Godfrey out by practising the Christmas play songs.

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Alleluia 2.mp4

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Would you use a spoon made out of chocolate to eat your hot soup? We looked at lots of different materials and decided that a chocolate spoon wasn't the best. Science is amazing!

Yo Ho Ho! Exciting news, we have started practising our Christmas play. All parts have been handed out.

Did you know Lowry only used 5 colours when he painted. We do. We spent a fun topic lesson learning how to mix and blend different colours; like Lowry.

Our text this term has been Whiffy Wilson. He is the most disgusting and smelliest wolf in town. Have a practise of the story with Miss Godfrey.

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Maths has been super fun this week. We've had our reasoning hats on and have been exploring how to make 2-digit numbers.

Children was such good fun. We all dressed up and our class raised over £30. Here are some pictures of the children building our local area.

Fun fun fun at the school disco

Christmas is getting close and we are starting to learn our Nativity songs. Have a practise with Miss Godfrey.

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We were really good street detectives this week. We have been researching local landmarks.

Well done all our certificate receivers. You deserve them!

Working as a team can be great fun especially in science when you are finding out lots of cool things. This week we have been sorting materials into natural and man-made.

Another fun capoeria session. We learnt to cartwheel capoeria style.

Well done to our students who received a certificate. Amazing work!

Do you love finding out new things? YES!

Then you'll make some great detectives. 

Get you detective hats on, as this term we are going to investigate our local area, and compare it with other areas and other places. 

How do you get to school?

What do you see on your journey?

Do you think it's always looked like this?

Can you name any famous people from here?






This is James. Do you think he lives in Stretford?

School Awards