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Spring 2

Easter Egg Hunt!

Family Learning Week!


On Monday, nursery were invited to watch the 'Moss Park Dog Show'. We were all very excited! We watched the dogs do different tricks and we even got to have a little stroke! But then something happened... Mrs Butler's Dog went missing! 

We went back to nursery to talk about what had happened during the dog show. The children also took part in lots of role play with our pretend dogs! 

On Tuesday, we had some of our grown-ups in nursery with us. We began by making our very own magnifying glass. We then had to go on the hunt for clues around nursery and every time we found one, we had to go back to the 'missing dog headquarters' and draw the clue on the big board. We found lots of different clues! 

We then had a visit from a police sniffer dog, followed by a visit from a guide dog. We talked about what their jobs are and how they help people in different ways. They were both very friendly! 


On Wednesday we went on our welly walk. We went on the hunt for some dog biscuits. The children all collected one and then we counted how many we had. We have put the biscuits in a bowl ready to see if they can help to guide Kye home. We are going to check tomorrow if any of the biscuits have been eaten. 

On Thursday we were very excited that some of our grown-ups were able to come and play some games with us. We had pin the tail on the dog, throw the ball through the hoop, counting dog bones to put into the correct numbered dog bowl, dog stories and we all made our own dog mask too! 

Friday- Kye is found!

What a super day we had in France today! 

We all looked AMAZING in our French colours and moustaches! The children came into nursery to some relaxing French music. We began by doing the register in french saying 'bonjour!' to Miss Curbishley. We all made a french flag to take home, tasted some croissants and learnt some french words. 

We also had some special visitors in nursery today. Mustafa's mummy came and taught us Urdu, Kushi's mummy taught us some Punjabi, Isla's mummy taught us some Thai and Mohamad's mummy taught us some Arabic. 

What a brilliant, cultural day celebrating 'The right to speaking your own language- Article 30'. 

Over the past few days we have been watching as our beautiful butterflies have all come out of their cocoons! We were very excited about this and each day we have released the ones that have been strong enough to fly. Today we let the rest of them go- but I think they liked spending time with us as it took them a while to fly away! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our Welly Walk we went on a mini-beast hunt! We took out some magnifying glasses and went to see what we could find. We found a worm, a beetle, a slug, a millipede and spent some time with our beautiful butterflies. We then made our very own pictures of different


Family Celebration Day!

What a super day we had on Friday. The sun was shining and we were ready for an exciting day ahead! The boys and girls came in looking super in their red clothes for Comic Relief. We then made our mummies a sandwich and decorated our nursery and waited their arrival. Thank you so much to all of the parents who could make it- we hope you had as much fun as we did! 

Today for our welly walk we became Polly Problem Solver and had a very important mission to complete. All of the ladybirds had broken in two, and it was our job to put them back together again! The children all found one half each, counted the number of spots that they had on their ladybird and had to find their perfect match. We did AMAZING at this and solved the problem, putting them all back together again. 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

Today for our Welly Walk, we went on the hunt for some caterpillars! The children all found different sized caterpillars and we sorted them out into whether they were big, medium or small. We then went back to nursery and made some caterpillar pictures and used the scales to investigate what happened when we added or took away the caterpillars.  

Mad about Mini-beasts!

Today we are introduced our new topic 'Mad about Mini-beasts!' 

We learnt how to play in our new role play area, and then did some lovely playing in there. We explored lots of super stories, fact and fiction, did some role play with the insects, put the caterpillar back together using the numbers to guide us and made some pictures for our pet caterpillars. What a super busy Monday!  

Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week for our welly walk, the boys and girls had to go on a special mission! On Monday we received a letter from Felicity the Fairy asking for our help. She had lost her wing and therefore could not fly home. She asked the children to draw some maps to help guide her. With the use of our maps, Felicity the Fairy found her way home, but lost her magical fairy dust on her journey. The next mission was to use the map on our Welly Walk, following instructions and directions to help find the dust. The children did an amazing job and found this for her. Our final mission is to write a letter to Felicity to tell her we have found her magical dust!

Happy World Book Day! 

Wow, what AMAZING characters we had in nursery today!! I was so impressed with how super all of the boys and girls looked. We began our nursery session by sitting in a circle and each one of us went into the middle to show all of our friends what we were wearing. We then made some brilliant pictures of our favourite characters and then looked at all of our favourite books. What a busy day! 

For our welly walk today we played a colour game. We had to listen to different instructions and move in a variety of different ways to a chosen colour. We skipped to the red card, hopped to the blue, twirled to the green, jumped to the orange and walked backwards to the yellow! 

We then made some beautiful rainbows with the chalk. The boys and girls each had one colour and they had to share their chalks with each other to make different coloured rainbows. 

We did fantastic sharing! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

For our welly walk this week we went on the hunt for a variety of numbers up to 9. Each of the children found a number each and we then had the job of sorting them all out into the right order! We were super Polly Problem solvers! 

Our very own Elmer

In nursery this week we read the story of Elmer the Elephant and then made our very own version! All of the children from morning and afternoon nursery made their own patch, decorated how they wanted, and we stuck them all together. What a beautiful elephant!  

What beautiful colours!!