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Spring 2

Well done Alice - VIP table for lunch this week. Who will it be next week?

A great end to Family Learning week, Kye has been found!

well done Jaspreet, VIP today

Who commited the crime? we searched for evidence

Ruby the sniffer dog was amazing. The suspects were questioned!

Making dog biscuits, such great fun. We wrote the recipe. I wonder which ones Eddie will like best, the vegetable or the chicken?

The dog show! Well done to the judges!!

Playtime, just like China

Trying noodles using chopsticks

Sewing cushions for refugees

Making bracelets for refugees

Well done to Sophie, our VIP this week. Can you be the best you can be, just like Sophie?

Article 31, the right to relax and play

Maths problem

Well done Eliza, VIP table this week. I wonder who will be the best they can be at lunchtime this week?

Can you see your grown ups in the Lowry pictures?

We raised more than 170 pounds for Red Nose Day

Well done Ismaeel, VIP this week

Shops in the past and shops now. Are they different?

Well done to Milly! VIP table, who will it be next week??

Can you spot us in the Lowry pictures?

An amazing day with an artist! Can you believe these pictures helped us become part of a lowry picture

We are learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Use the actions to tell the story.

Lowry matchstalk figures, don't worry they will be dressed next week...

Our charter morning! We read all the rights and chose 6 for our class. We had a great morning thinking about how we will follow these rights.

Well done to the V.I.P's this week. Amazing behaviour at lunchtime. Who will it be next week?

Fun celebrating world book day!

Which streets will go?

During SODA tomorrow we will be looking at the census of 1911. I wonder what the jobs were?

Bod and Steven song - Year 2

Bells Farm Primary, Birmingham

Our village. We worked in groups of three to decide what our street would be called. Who might live there. What shape it would be and finally what shops there would be. (We thought about the shops we saw on our walk around Stretford to help us)

Well done to Masira for making it to the VIP table. Who will it be next week? All you need to do is be the best that you can be and it could be you next week!

This is us trying to match the symbols...

Map symbols are fun! We made up our own symbols for areas of the school

I love our Lowry matchstalk figures! Amazing