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Spring 2

Look who's been the best they can be during lunch times..... Faatimah, well done!!!

The Dogs Home Charity Day

Great to see Kye is back home with his Mum

The Mystery Revealed

Family Learning Week

Forensic Science

During Family Learning Week we met Mrs Welbon and Zeus her guide dog

Family Learning Week

Junk Model Dogs

Mummies and Daddies came and joined in our outdoor activities for Family Learning Week


Still image for this video

Meet PC Dave and Ruby

PC Dave came to school to collect our witness forms and he made some notes on his note pad.  He brought Ruby the sniffer dog to help hunt for Kye.  Ruby the sniffer dog was very fast at finding things hidden on the playground.

The police came and dropped off some witness statement forms for us to fill in..

This year we hosted our very own dog show.  We had lots of contestants but sadly one went missing!!

Together we made a list of all the clues we found around school and a list of suspects!

Where's Kye?  Can you help solve the mystery of the Mrs Butler's missing dog?

Global Learning Day

Class 1C learnt about the country Uzbekistan

We were thinking about:

Article 19 Every child has the right to be protected and kept safe.

We started the day in the cotton fields of Moss Park!! Collecting cotton only for a 15 minutes. We had lots of fun however we thought about some of the unfortunate children who have to go to work picking cotton every day, every week, every month, every year the same thing over and over again. 

Some children start as young as 4 or  years old and can work for up to 12 hours a day.

Look Shuja and Hana have been transported to Uzbekistan's cotton fields!!

They said it was VERY hard work and VERY boring and it was not fun at all!!

We searched for Uzbekistan using google maps and found out lots of information about the country. 

The mosques looked beautiful , and The Silk Road was really interesting.

We thought about what we would do if we were in charge of the country... Alex said we should get inspectors to look after the children and check that the children get a break as it is their Right to rest and play.  Thomas suggested we raise some money to give to the poor families so the children don't have to work. Reuben agreed and said 'then those children could go to school as it is their Right to an Education. Good answers from our ~Year 1's I thought.


We ate sweet grapes as grapes grow very well in Uzbekistan as does honey melons and other fruits, we ate bread as bread is of huge importance to the Uzbek people.  We had a great day learning all about the culture and thinking about Children's Rights.

Wow, well done Yasmine

You have been the best you can be during lunchtimes

We were being Scientists this week

We dissected flowers and flowering plants, we investigated the flowers and plants under the zoom in screen and with magnifying glasses

We put the pieces of the plant together, labelled the different parts.  Then we wrote down what each part of the plants job is.

W e    w e r e    b e i n g   A r t i s t s

We learnt to shade using pencils and pencil crayons. Then we used paints that we mixed with white to shade the petals from dark to light.

Look who has been the best they can be during lunchtimes this week...

Well done Dylan we're all so proud of you

Rights Respecting Homework

The children are really thinking carefully about the Rights and how they can help us to be the best we can be....

Click on the link below to see the children chanting their Talk for writing story...

Well done Reuben you behave just like Ravi Respector at lunchtimes....

Painting Woodland Animals

(You may need to stand on your head to look!!! The pictures wouldn't do as they were told)


We have really challenged ourselves this week.....take a look

Thank you

to those who could make it to the Phonics Bingo the children loved you being there

Walk to Victoria Park

Look who made it on the VIP table this week..... Well done Oscar

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter Morning

Look which woodland animal came to visit

Well done Arabella on making it onto the VIP table this week.

Who will it be next week?

Remember to be the best you can be, how would Ravi Respecter  behave at lunch times?

The Enchanted Woodland

This afternoon we made Tree Boggarts!

School Awards