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Spring 2

Who ate all the porridge?


What an exciting half term we are going to have! 

As you may of guessed we have a bear theme this half term.....

There will be lots of fun and bear hunts!

We are going to find out who really did eat all the porridge! Our classroom has changed we have a Three Bears Cottage and lots of bear activities. Please take a look below at our parents update to find out about all the wonderful learning your children will be doing this half term. 

Family Learning Week

The Dog Show


On Monday morning we had the Moss Park Infants Dog Show! 

It was great fun! Lots of dogs took part, showed us their tricks and the judges scored them out of 10. The dogs were all very good and listened to their owners and all won rosettes!

Towards the end Mrs Butler went to get her dog Kye from her office but when she got there he had disappeared!!! All that was left was his harness!!

What has happened to Kye???

Toby then came in to visit for cuddles before falling asleep under Mrs Wright's chair!!!

Looking for clues!

The excitement continued as we went looking for clues with Miss Faulkner!

We found footprints and pawprints, a sponge, a brush and other clues too, but we didn't find Kye. Would the clues help us???


We're Going On A Dog Hunt!!!

We invited parents in to see us perform We're Going On A Dog Hunt!!

It was great to be able to show our grown ups all of our learning. 

We then had our own dog hunt outside and we had to find 3 different dog pictures.

We had to find these!

On Tuesday morning PC Dave came to investigate the mystery of the missing dog and introduce us to his police dog, Ruby who is a working cocker spaniel.

Mrs Butler came in and answered our questions about Kye. Happily, she has heard him barking in school and is sure he is on an adventure around school, looking for teddies and dog treats!!!

Arts and Craft Afternoon with Parents

We invited the parents in to join us is some doggy art! We had a lovely time making pom pom dogs, paper plate dogs, dog stick puppets, dog hand puppets and finger painting dogs!! 

A very big thank you to all our parent helpers.

On Wednesday Mrs Wellbon and her guide dog

Zeus came to visit us.

We got to ask lots of questions to ask and found out lots of interesting

facts about guide dogs.

We found out that it takes 18 months to train a guide dog, all guide dogs wear a special tag with a number unique to them and Zeus is 6 years old.

What a fantastic morning!

On Thursday we met a real forensic scientist called Rodney.

He came to school to show us how to look for clues and solve a crime. We used magnifying glasses and tweezers to examine clues and we looked at foot prints, finger prints and handwriting.

Some of our grown-ups came to help us and joined in the fun too!


Well done RSW you solved the mystery of the missing dog!

To finish our fantastic Family Learning Week we all came to school dressed as dogs and puppies. Woof Woof!

On Friday Percy the pug came to visit us from Manchester dogs home. The children got to ask lots of questions and found out lots of information about how they care for the dogs. Thank you for your kind donations, we raised £140 for them.

Our V.I.P this week was Mia, Well Done!

We're going on and Easter Egg Hunt!


At lunchtime the Easter Bunny came to visit our classroom and left us all a chocolate egg.

We had lots of fun searching for them!


Well done to Reema for being chosen as this week's VIP! Who will it be next week?

Today we have been very busy with

Global Learning Day


We have been looking at 

The right to be healthy       Article 24



We focused on the country America and did

lots of fun activities


Watch how brilliantly these children

act out the story!

Image result for bear hunt


Still image for this video

Well done to Reema for 1st place in the juniors competition to design a stop sign!! And congratulations to Elliott and Zoya for being runners up!!!

The older children said it was so hard to choose so well done to everybody who entered!

Red Nose Day Fun!


What a fun day we had!

Thank you for all your generous donations we raised

more than £170.

Well done Theo for being chosen to be

our VIP this week! 


Well done to Lili for being chosen to sit on the VIP table.

Who will it be next week? 

Phonic Bingo

Wow, what a fun way to start the day! A big thank you to all the parents who came to play phonic bingo with their children today. We had lots of fun and the children really enjoyed showing their grown ups how many sounds they know, how to say the sound and how to make words using the sounds. Well done everyone!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

On Monday morning we were visited by a bear whilst we were in P.E!!!

He had hidden a lot of bears in our classroom and we had to find them!!! 

So we went on a bear hunt!!!!

We found lots and lots...the bear had been very busy!

We sorted them into groups on the carpet.

What an exciting morning!!!


Our VIP!

Well done to Ibrahim who was on our VIP table for lunch on Friday!!!

Who will it be next week?


This week in maths we have been ordering the size of Daddy Bear so we thought it would be fun to order ourselves!


It was a bit tricky as some of us are nearly the same size!!


Here we are!!!


Image result for unicef

On Friday we spent the morning talking

about our Class Charter.

The children talked about their rights and decided which 5 were important to them. We thought about what we wanted it to look like and designed and started to make it.  We took lots of photographs of the children to personalise our charter and each child made a kite and wrote a right on it to take home.  

VIP Table

A huge well done to Joseph for being RSW's VIP this week!


World Book Day 2017

We have been having lots of fun today all dressed as our favourite book characters.

Can you guess who we all are?


It's Pancake Day!!!


We all had a turn at flipping our pancakes!!!

It finally snowed!!!


The guinea pigs came to visit for cuddles this afternoon!!!

Our fantastic storyteller!



WOW, Amber read the whole story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to all her friends! smiley

Here is a clip of the beginning.


Still image for this video


Our brilliant actors!


We have all been acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.




Lili, Nathaniel and Subhan did a fantastic job at retelling the story, we loved their Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear voices!


watch a clip below


Still image for this video

A very big congratulations to Ella-Grace who was on the VIP table this week!!!!

Who will it be next week???

After PE we had a huge shock!!!

We came back and found this!!!

We didn't know what had happened!!!

Some children thought that Goldilocks had been in making porridge and had broke the chair and had dropped porridge on the floor!!!

Tilly and Daniel thought she had broken the chair.

We were all very shocked!!!

We all decided to keep a watch out for Goldilocks and any more clues as to what had happened!!

Daniel read the sign.

We had fun dressing up as Goldilocks and the three bears, acting out the story, making puppets and making porridge!!!

School Awards