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Spring 2

Who ate all the porridge?


This half term we will be looking at the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We will use 'Talk for write' to retell the story and practice our writing skills. We will be learning all about bears in the wild and non-fiction texts. When spring arrives we will be looking at its features and considering the changes around us! 

Week 1: We have had a brilliant first week back in Reception Oak! We started the week with a big shock! On Monday we returned from lunch to find somebody had made a huge mess in our classroom! After considering some of the clues we found, we decided our main suspect was Goldilocks! Since then we have been writing up crime reports, making wanted posters and writing descriptions of the possible culprit! In the creative area we have used mixed materials to create pictures of bears and the forest that they live in. Let's hope next week we get to the bottom of our messy mystery!
Week 2: This week in Reception we have continued our learning around the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. All of the children have made and tasted porridge, we also recorded on a pictograph wether we preferred it with or without jam! In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes, we used blocks to build chairs for the three bears and could apply mathematical vocabulary to name and describe the shapes we were using.  We made the most of the beautiful weather early in the week and went for an outdoor shape hunt! The children were fantastic shape detectives and worked brilliantly in pairs to find 2d and 3d shapes in our environment. The past two weeks we have also produced some fantastic independent writing and work! When children have completed a challenge 'all by themselves' they pop it in the 'WOW' box to celebrate it with the rest of the class. We are becoming such independent learners and have had lots of 'wow' moments this week!
Week 3: Literacy week was jam packed full of fun! We started the week by looking at the whole school focus story 'Here We Are'. We learnt all about our wonderful planet and how to look after it. We wrote about what makes us special and used recycled materials to make book marks. On Tuesday we had a real author come to school to share her stories with us and we even helped her tell some of them through actions and dance! On Wednesday we had the poet Matt Goodfellow visiting, he taught us some of his poems and then helped us to write our own all about planet Earth! Thursday was so much fun and we loved seeing who everybody had dressed up as! And finally Friday, thank you to all the parents who could attend the awards ceremony, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us!
Week 4: This week in Oak class we have been completing our story maps for Goldilocks and the three bears, ready to write the the stories next week! We have absolutely loved creating the three bear's cottages using boxes and other materials. We have some very colourful homes for the bears should they come looking for some place to stay! Next week in maths we will be learning all about money! If you have any chance over the weekend for your child to have a go at using money in a real life situation this would be a great opportunity to practise and develop their understanding. 
Week 5: This week in Reception Oak we have begun to learn about spring! We were so excited to plant our own beans and will be recording what they look like on day 1, 4 and 7. We have been looking after the flowers we have in the classroom by watering them and making sure they have enough light. In maths we have been learning about money! We have got our own flower shop and the children have been using money to buy and sell. We have concluded our Three bears topic by writing the story - all of the children have worked so hard and we are very proud! 

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