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Spring 2

We changed our instructions this week from porridge to Easter Nests. We had lots of fun following our new instructions!

Well done to our Super Learner and Child of the Week, Salina and Affan!

Mummy Bear sent us a letter telling us how much she enjoyed our new stories based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She said she had been listening to them as she made porridge for Daddy Bear and Baby Bear! She gave us her special recipe and we have had a wonderful time making our own porridge. It was delicious!!!

We had a super sporty day for Sport Relief!!!

We played dodge ball with Mr Jordan and had fun moving around the playground in lots of different ways like jumping, skipping and jogging!

Well done to Usman and Jack for being our Super Learner and Child of the Week!

We learnt how to wash our hands properly! Thank you Maureen!

Well done to our Super Learner of the Week, Rakhee!

Reception Elm held an Oscars Ceremony this morning! Lots of parents came to share in our success!

World Book Day Fun!

Our mystery readers today were Mrs Newns, Suzie's Mummy and Aiden's Mummy.

More Mystery Readers!

Matt Goodfellow came to help us create a class poem called The Choosing Poem.

Khushi's mum, George's Grandma and Vijay's mum have all been mystery readers!!!

Our first MYSTERY reader was Saffia's mum!!!!

The Day the Crayons Quit - but the crayons were our Teachers

Well done to Aiden and George E for being picked as this weeks Super Learner and Child of the Week for Reception Elm!

We really enjoyed our Chinese dancing today!

What has Goldilocks been up to?

We think we might know who it is!

Someone came into our classroom today!

Our question for next half term is Who ate all the porridge? We will be busy finding out about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, celebrating World Book Day and Easter.

School Awards