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Spring 1 Castles

Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

A great week for our super learners

Litter picking with Danny from Trafford Council

Well done for being the best that you can be

We all have the right to our own Religion. This has term we have been learning about the religion Judaism. We had two visitors from the Jewish synagogue who came to tell us about the life of Jewish people

In DT this week we made our own catapults!

Freeze framing scenes from our new story- Kassim and the Greedy Dragon

Our new warning story... Kassim and the Greedy Dragon

Another great week for our super learners

Painting our Dragons, we were so excited to use the water colours.

Outside fun for Golden Time today!

The bread is looking very mouldy right now. I wonder if it will change any more? What could happen?

Fun with the green screen! Can you find yourself in the Lowry pictures - a good tip is to look for the colour of your coat..

We sketched a dragon then we listened to each other and talked about how we could improve it. Wow. Look how amazing our second attempt is.

Well done to this weeks VIP and super learners. Who will it be next week?

A dragon egg has hatched, escaped and burnt our shared writing washing line!

Multi Skills is back with Mr Jordan. We had a great time practising our throwing and catching

We have been adding pounds and pence this week!

Using the part whole model with money in maths :

Working scientifically this week:

We were amazed to see how the bread has changed.  The bread we touched has more mould on it. The bread we didn't touch has a tiny circle of mould. 

Budding artists

We were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We made a sculpture called a Cairn. Can you remember what they were for? 

Look what we found this week!

Some children think they are dragon eggs! What do you think?

How could we look after them? 

We loved the new books in our library

Our first time using the new laptops was great fun!

Science: How do germs spread?

Slowmotion: Sneeze

We watched a sneeze in slow motion! Yuk! Did you know a sneeze can travel more than two metres. We used the metre stick to measure how far two metres is,wow.

In science this week, we started an experiment that we are going to observe over a few weeks.

We placed one slice of bread in a bag that no one has touched. We placed another slice of bread that the whole class touched.  

The children think the bread might go mouldy....Let's wait and see.

See the castle ahead? Get ready to invade its mighty walls! Shoot a projectile with an archer's aim! Head across the drawbridge, over the moat, and up to the top of the tower...


Why are castles an important part of British History?

What can we learn from them?

How were they built?

Who lives in them?

Is it only royalty that can live in a castle?

Which countries can they be found in? How many are in England?



Lets find out.....

School Awards