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Spring 1

What's in the egg?! 

For the rest of this half term, Nursery will be exploring some mysterious eggs that arrive for us to look after. What will they be?! 


A BIG thank you to all of the grown-ups who made it to stay and play today. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did and learnt lots about the amazing maths activities all of your children take part in... Maths can be fun! 

This week for our welly walk, Mrs Higgins had hidden all of our names! We went on a hunt to find them, looking closely at the initial letter in our names! 


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WOW! What super weekend challenges we had in Nursery this week!

Day 1

Nursery were very excited to find two eggs had appeared in our Nursery over the weekend! We all began to make guesses at what we thought may be inside the eggs. We had lots of great ideas! The children got straight to work in recording their findings and their predictions! 

Day 2

On no! The eggs began to crack! 

Day 3

During our welly walk, Nursery went on a hunt for some clues as to who the eggs belong to. We found lots of interesting things like fluff, orange peel, a dinosaur tooth, apple, but the most exciting thing we found was a HUGE footprint! 

Our first job was to make sure it was not any of ours. We each drew around our feet and had to identify whether they were bigger or smaller than the print. We then went back to Nursery to record our findings.

Day 4

Nursery were shocked to discover a letter from Mummy Dinosaur. It thanked all of Nursery for looking after her eggs and helping her babies to hatch. She had come to collect them to take them home. 

The children were happy that they were safe. We recorded this final stage on our Dinosaur journey before then decorating our own dinosaur egg! 


This half term in Nursery we will be learning all about water. 

We will be introducing the story of the Billy Goat's Gruff and building up our confidence using T4W. 

The children will be using a range of materials to help to get the three goats across the water, building a bridge to support them and using prepositions to direct them. 

We will also be investigating objects that will float and which ones will sink, making predictions. 

We have been learning all about germs this week in Nursery. 

Miss Curbishley used paint on her hand to show how easy it was to spread germs all around the classroom! 

We then all had a try at washing the germs away using soap and water. 

WOW- How impressive!

Well impressed is an understatement! 

What a super job our children (and grown-ups) have done for their weekend challenge of making their own boat!

And to top it off- they ALL floated!

What creative children we have in nursery!

The children were set a challenge to make their own boat. They had a mixture of materials to use to customise their boat and they got going straight away. We then tested all of our boats and guess what... they all floated! Yay! 

Welly Walk Wednesday!

On our welly walk, we used our musical instruments to make loud, quiet, fast and slow sounds. We also sang a range of rhymes, playing our instruments along to these. 

Does it float or will it sink?

This week nursery took part in an investigation! 

We made predictions on whether objects that we collected, would sink or float. We then tested all of the objects to see if we were right! 

World of Water!

Can you put the pipes back together? Do you have a bath or shower to make yourself clean? Can you make a bridge across the river and get across without falling in? Can you catch the fish? Can you wash the cars and bikes? 

These are some of the challenges we have faced this week! 

This week for our welly walk, we all became rain drops. Using our story 'The drop goes plop' we went through the whole of the water cycle!

We started as small clouds, grew bigger and bigger, the wind then pushed us along and it began to rain. The rain drops landed in the river, then went to a reservoir. The dam then opened, releasing the water which got sucked into the cleaning station. It was then stored in the water tower before coming out of our taps and showers! We then pulled the plug out, went down the drain and into the sewers. Through the sewage works to be cleaned again and then out into the sea- WOW what a busy welly walk! 

Oh no! Can you build a bridge over the river to get to your friend?!

What a super challenge this was! 

Each child selected a partner they would like to work with. One child stood on one side of the river, and the other child stood on the other side. The children had to use a range of construction materials, of their choice, to build a bridge to the other side- it was a little tricky at some points and we had to change our ideas along the way- what super coco collaborators they were! 

New year, New topic!


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What a fabulous start to our new topic we have had!

The children came back from the Christmas break, refreshed and ready to get stuck in with lots of new learning. 

We have become brilliant story tellers, reading and exploring the story of the Three Billy Goat's Gruff! 

The Billy Goat's Gruff

What materials can we use to make a bridge?

Will it float or will it sink?

School Awards