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Spring 1

Celebrating our rights day, thank you to both mums for coming to talk about your religion

The rights of a child, I love these pictures!

We made our programmable toys move, great fun and learning too! (they are called bee bots)

Our last capo session, we have loved learning more about the rights of a child.

Dividing using cheerios. Some super work goign on!

I can't wait to read your stories. Some fantastic ideas. Can you read them using your story map?

This is the class story. We shared our ideas with the class. We used the pictures to tell the story (and of course actions too)

The words to the song. Click the link to listen to it.

We are learning about the rights of a child

pirate express, we hope you enjoy it!

We have been measuring water! Great fun and learning too!


More lighthouses made at home

Can you use the story plan to tell our story? What about the actions?

2P are going to have a blog! Watch this space to find out more. So exciting...

Have a look at our videos. Click on the community balloon, then the sub heading our videos. You will see the first two paragraphs of Pirate Pete and the Cruel Captain.

We can make a circuit. You can buy it from school for just £2.50. (when we have our express for parents on the 2nd February.) Join us for SODA tommorrow to make another circuit.

Look at these amazing lighthouses. Well done Jaspreet, Daisy, Finlay, Alexander M, Charlie and Eliza

Chinese New Year celebrations. What animal year were you born in? We have some visitors coming on Tuesday - We can wear our own clothes too.

Adding and taking away on a number line. Can you rememeber how to do it? Have a look below.

Our new talk for writing text for the next three weeks. Can you find the ly words, adjectives, alliteration, speech marks and conjunctions (like and but because)

Just to let you know the radio 2 competition 500 words is open! All you need to do is write a story that is 500 words (or less). You write some great stories in school!

The First Voyage of James Cook

Be taken from Botany Bay to an animated journey of Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour. What are the secret orders he was given once he finished his mission in Tahiti?

Don't forget to keep looking on the website at the videos. Go to the community balloon then to our videos

Capoeira, we had such good fun and we are learning how to work well together too!

We found out about Captain Cook today. We were keen to find out more.

We used our knowledge of 2d shapes to help us describe the faces on a 3d shape. We got messy printing the shapes too!

We were scientists today. The pirates had a spillage on board the pirate ship. We had to find out which material would clean up the water. We had to make sure the test was fair.

Can you be the super learner of the week. This week it is Lindi listener

2D shapes. Can you name them and tell me how many corners and how many sides?

Can you tell me about Grace Darling?

We are making our moving pictures tomorrow too... So much problem solving has happened this week. Polly problem solver would be so proud!

Telling the time on the clock. We will be drawing the hands on the clock tomorrow. Remember the long hand is the minute hand, the short hand is the hour hand.

Telling the time using our clocks

Comparing temperatures

During wet play today we made some things related to Pirates

In maths we will be learning time on the clock this week. Can you tell the time?

We designed and printed our very own Pirate Flag today. (We were inspired by the artist William Morris)

Look at our flags, we were amazed when we removed the tile to see the end result!

We did a treasure hunt around Stretford. We found it!

We did a treasure hunt around school. We found it!

Captain Flint came to school today. We loved it!

Who is coming to school tomorrow. I can't wait to meet them! I will give you a clue, he has come from the Carribean Sea??

when I was one. Can you think of your own verses?

english for kids

I Am A Pirate Bold

I Am A Pirate Bold sung by Kidzone. Subscribe to the official KidsmusicCYP channel here! This video is produced so that your child sings along to the song, thus encouraging the development of reading skills. The song 'I Am A Pirate Bold' is taken from the CD -- 'Pirate Island'.

A Pirate Ship Sailed On The Alley-Alley-O

A Pirate Ship Sailed On The Alley-Alley-O sung by Kidzone. Subscribe to the official KidsmusicCYP channel here! This video is produced so that your child sings along to the song, thus encouraging the development of reading skills. The song 'A Pirate Ship Sailed On The Alley-Alley-O' is taken from the CD -- 'Pirate Island'.

Curriculum letter for parents

Curriculum update - what is happening this half term

Land Ahoy

School Awards