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Spring 1

Amendment to date

please note the date for our Express, our Pirate Parade Day is

Thursday 2nd February at 2.45pm

NOT Sunday 5th February as stated on Land Ahoy Topic Overview.

Apologies and many thanks.

Our Rights Morning: Article 31 The Right to Relax and Play. We shared board games, participated in Tai Chi and designed leaflets writing about why we have this right.


We came to school dressed as pirates today ready for our Pirate Express. Thank you to all the grown ups who came to watch!

Can you use the story map to tell our story? Don't forget the actions!

Check out the Pirate Pete Talk 4 Writing clip on our video page. It may help you as a starting point for your homework this week! 

Look at our amazing lighthouses we made at home!

Look at us making our own lighthouses. We are going to use the circuit we have made to light the bulb at the top!

We have been learning about how to make a circuit.

Pirate Pete Story Text

As requested by the children, here is a copy of our class text for the next three weeks. Can you find the alliteration, the 'ly' words, any questions, character names? The children are using a story map to chant and put actions to the text this week.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 

We had a visitor in school today and she taught us some traditional Chinese dance moves and then our visitor gave us dragon heads, umbrellas and a huge dragon tail to use our new moves in a dragon dance. Here are some photos of us but you can also find some short clips in the video section. 

We found out about Captain Cook this week. Can you remember any facts about him? Use the powerpoint below to help you.

Our 3D shape models.

Finding out about the most suitable material


As part of our topic on Land Ahoy we came across a problem where someone had spilled a liquid on the captain's deck. We had to work out which material would best absorb the liquid.

 To measure this fairly we made a fair test with equal amount of liquid and the same size piece of material. Look how we measured how much liquid was absorbed and how much remained!

We looked at the 2D shape faces on 3D shapes and had great fun printing with them!

Lollipop Stick Challenge

To start our topic on Shape we had to work in a team, using an envelope of lollipop sticks and make as many different 2D shapes as possible. We had to consider the number and length of sides and corners. Each shape had to be the same colour of sticks. We had fun and talked about 2D shape properties.   

In maths we have been telling the time. We drew the hands on clocks to show different times.

We designed and made our own pirate flags! We scored our design onto a polystyrene tile and printed it on fabric.

We were inspired to make our own treasure maps after our fantastic treasure hunt!

We went on a treasure hunt around Stretford. We found the treasure!

We did a treasure hunt in school!

Captain Flint came to school today. He set us a challenge

Here are the pirate songs we are learning for our new topic Land Ahoy.

When I was one.......can you add your own verse to each song?

english for kids

I Am A Pirate Bold

I Am A Pirate Bold sung by Kidzone.

A Pirate Ship Sailed On The Alley-Alley-O

A Pirate Ship Sailed On The Alley-Alley-O sung by Kidzone.

Land Ahoy! On the first day back we will be having a visitor to school.....who could that be?

School Awards