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Spring 1

So great to see so many of you at the Rio express.  We loved making and eating the empanadas.


Tchau Brazil!
We have enjoyed looking after Susie and Coco this week.  Coco was a bit camera shy but Susie loved all the attention!

Check out these Maths websites...the children have enjoyed playing these games this week...Hope they enjoy the problem solving square we have sent home :)

How many bees are on each flower?  How many is that altogether?  Can you say that as a number sentence? Eg Four and three equals seven. Reveal the sum to see if you were right.  Do you know the symbols for add (+) and equals (=)?

Look at all the fantastic things we have made!!

Look at our busy week!  
I was so impressed with the response to the design a Brazilian Landmark Homework-a super effort!  Hope you enjoy this week's homework as much.  In class we have enjoyed making our own shape snap, I hope you enjoy playing some maths games at home too:)

We love Capoeira  - this is a traditional Brazilian martial art/dance.  It is helping us to be more like our School's Super Learners and we think about Every Child's Rights.  Today was all about the Right to be Safe and the Right to be Heard.

We got creative

This week we are making musical shakers like the ones they might use in the samba schools in the carnival parade.  We are decorating them to make them look exciting and we are choosing what to put inside to make the shakers sound different to each other.

This week we have been using scales to compare the weight of different items. Maybe you could develop their knowledge by helping your child to weigh different items on the bathroom or kitchen scales or let them try out the scales next time you take them to the supermarket.

Copacabana beach in our small world!

This week you have been asked to re-create a famous Brazilian landmark. I'm really excited to see what you do. Be as creative as you like!

Rio de Vida


Come and join the party down in Rio.  This half term we're going to be finding out all about the immense and awesome carnival in Brazil: Rio de Vida!


What facts do you know about Brazil?  Can you find a book at the library or look on the internet?  I'd love you to bring in some information to share with the class.

Carnival Rio de Janeiro Stunning Parade!

It's Carnival! takes you to "the greatest show on Earth" at the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro to watch the Samba parade. The best Samba schools in Rio are showing creativity through amazing carts, costumes and choreography.

School Awards