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Spring 1

Our big question is...

What can we see in the Forest?


This Spring term we will continue our learning journey by exploring seasonal changes and learning about what lives in the Forest. 

What will we see?.... What will we hear?... What stories can we tell in our Tin Forest? 


We will be reading the core text 'Hansel and Gretel' and learning our Talk for Writing story 'The 3 Little Pigs'. We will expand our imaginations by focusing on re-telling the story, using storytelling language and creating wonderful story maps.


As artists, we will develop storytelling in our sketchbooks inspired by the text...'The Lost Words'. We will be building on our artistic skills including blending, using our fingers to measure and noticing detail, which will help to erupt our creativity.

Our Texts Are...

We can't wait to see where the Forest takes us! 

We will be looking closely at the poetry book 'The Lost Words' in art and science this term. We will be exploring birds and woodlands, specifically focussing on feathers. We will be looking at the shape and texture of feathers and will be recreating them using a variety of techniques we have already learnt and developed our skills in.

School Awards