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Spring 1

Rio de Vida!

We made Brazilian Empanadas with Finlay's Mum 

Rio De Vida Express for parents Fri 10th Feb - well done to the Mums and Dads who had a little Samba dance with us! 

Brazilian Cheesy Rolls 

(A popular Brazilian breakfast)

We loved having a Brazilian style breakfast.

Maths problems, can you solve them?

How many bees are on each flower?  How many is that altogether?  Can you say that as a number sentence? Eg Four and three equals seven. Reveal the sum to see if you were right.  Do you know the symbols for add (+) and equals (=)?

  • Problem solving. This is a great game to develop the Maths problem solving we have been doing this week

WOW!! Miss Cowgill was so impressed. Just take a look at these instruments. For our homework we had to make an instrument used in a samba band.

We have been busy making our Masks.

Come take a look at our fabulous designs.

These are some of our Mood Boards.

we choose colours, materials and textures to help us think of our ideas for a carnival mask. 

Next week.... week beginning 30.1.17

We will be designing our carnival masks, first step is to decide on our favourite colours, textures and materials.

Week beginning 30.1.17 

In phonics we will be reading and spelling words with the alternative 'u' and 'ow'

For example;

it makes a 'yoooo'   sound in -   unicorn    uniform     music

it makes an 'uh'   sound in  -     umbrella   full     push



In numeracy we will be solving word problems involving adding and taking away.

For example;


In the Rio carnival there were 14 samba bands playing and 3 had a rest. How many were left playing?


Don't forget to write the number sentence and show how you worked it out?

It was our turn to look after the guinea pigs. Suzie is eating everything poor Coco!

Kung Hey Fat Choi


We took a little break from BRAZIL and went to China to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Next week (23.1.17)

In maths,we will be adding and taking away.

Can you write a number sentence can you show how to work out your number sentence? Do you remember what to do when you see the add and take away sign? 

5 + 6 =       7 - 4 =     12 - 5 =       7 + 6 =


In phonics, we will be looking at how the 'c' can sometimes make a 'sssssss' sound, Which sound does the 'c' make in these words? try both ways and decide which sounds right. The same for 'g'

coat     city      circle     carnival      icecream


goat     gem     girl     ginger     magic   danger



Capoeira - The children absolutely love working with the Instructors. We had to think about two of the Rights of every child. These were The Right to be Heard & The Right to be Safe.


Still image for this video

T h e   A m a z o n    R a I n f o r e s t

The children working in the continuous provision during topic time decided to make the Amazon Rainforest. They included a waterfall and the Amazon River, they used the books to look up what they might need, they chose the grass, twigs, trees and leaves. Next they put some of the Amazon animals in and decided that they fish to be swimming down the river. We all thought they did an AMAZING job and worked so well independently and as a team just like which Super Learners?


A Brazilian folk story about how the tortoise got his patchwork shell. 

Mr Bump acted out the story. Ready for our new Talk for Writing cycle.

2 D    s h a p e s

We are learning to recognise 2D shapes in the environment and describe their properties.  Do the properties stay the same if the shapes change size?

W e    g o t    c r e a t i v e

We have all made musical shakers like the ones the Samba schools might use in the Carnival parades.  We had to choose  from dried peas, pasta or rice for the inside to make the shakers sound different.

Homework challenge

Look at our fantastic models we made. Can you guess what they are?

Thomas made the statue of Christ the Redeemer.  Jaya made the flag of Brazil and Lucas made Sugar Loaf Mountain. 


Just look at our amazing writing we are SO proud

We have made such a fantastic improvement in our writing, just compare the first writing we did at the beginning of this term and just a week and half later after lots of teaching and learning it now looks like this.  Here are just some children's before and after. (remember it has only been a week and a half )

We love our research day in our non-fiction Talk for Writing

We used the internet and books to search for new facts about the amazing country of Brazil. Hijaab found out that Rio de Vida means .. River of Life.


This has been our favourite activity this week, we loved learning this dance/martial art.  It comes from Brazil, and helps us to learn about our Rights to an Education , our Rights to play and have fun and our Rights to be safe.  To be good at Capoeira we must think about our Super learners, we need to a Ravi Respecter, a Healthy Henry, a Safe spike and a Lindi Listener.  Capoeira is LOTS of fun. We can't wait for next week.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Manchester United are here to spend 10 weeks training us.

WE are going to work as hard as the Brazilian football team. First we have to learn to be agile (do you know what that means?). Alexander found out that Brazil have won the World Cup 5 times.       Do you think they are the best team in the world?

What can you find at home that weighs more than 1kg?

In maths we have been comparing the weight of objects we found out which are the heaviest / lightest using the balance scales.  We then used the scales to find objects that are heavier, lighter or weigh the same as 1kg. 


Where in the world is Brazil?

Everyone worked with a partner and had to search the globe to find Brazil and to find the United Kingdom.  We realised just how small our country is compared to Brazil.  We all know where Brazil is now.  Ask your child see if they can tell you?

carnival music samba costumes dancing beaches sunshine

fiesta rainforest cities football capoeira


YES!!!! we are off to Brazil this half term, lets see what we can find out.  Your first task is to think about and write down something that you would like to find out about this country? for example, What is the weather like? How do you get to Brazil? What language do they speak? bring your question into school to share with everyone.

PLEASE remember to visit the library to see what books they have on carnivals, mask making, brazil, both fiction and non fiction.. Bring them to school to share with the class we always take good care of them just pencil in your child's name THANK YOU!!

School Awards